my new favourite thing in the kitchen… well in my apartment

I actually don’t have a recipe tonight. I just wanted to show you my new favourite thing. I had heard through the grapevine (well really, Michelle at work) that Sears was having a sale. But not just any sale, a sale on KITCHENAID mixers….

I’ve known about this sale since yesterday… which means that I resisted an entire 36 hours before I ended up making my way to Sears. I wandered their kitchen section and saw a kitchenaid ice cream maker – very nice, but not a mixer. I saw espresso machines (also very nice… also not the object of my affection)… and then I turned around and there they were… those beautiful kitchenaid mixers. The very appliance that I have been coveting for eons… my desire for one so great I was secretly envious of my friend Kailey (who’s mother-in-law bought her one as a house warming gift)… and completely envious of any of my friends who were able to register for one on their wedding registries…

So upon seeing it I decided that tonight it was going to become mine. I was going to lift it off the shelf, walk over to the cash register and pay for it. I was then going to walk home with it – the entire 12 minute walk, its heavy weight tiring my arms. No complaints, a smile on my face the entire way. I’d already cleared room on my counter for it (although my roomie wasn’t aware of this new arrival).

My new friend is licorice coloured – perfect since that’s one of my absolute favourite flavours. I can’t wait to test the 10 speeds and see if I can actually bake 4 and a half loaves of bread… I can not wait to whisk my first meringue in it. Sigh. Absolute bliss. And… ON SALE! I did good (yes, I am patting myself on the back…)