oh how life is sweet… at least in France

I’ve been to France many times over the years… the first time was when I was 12 years old; my parents decided to bring my entire family to Paris for a Christmas vacation… imagine the city of lights and love invaded by the Frappier clan?! I’ve been fortunate enough to return several time since, either with school, personal travel or even for work. I wanted this trip to be different though… so although I connect via Paris, I opted to not visit the city of lights and continue on to Bordeaux… this trip is all about the countryside, vineyards, the ocean and… French desserts!

pretty little’ things, non?

Day one and I discovered my very first French macarons… mon dieu do the French know how to make these little sweets! (I’ve made them, daring bakers challenge, but my version cannot compete with these originals at all) Visions of these sweet little cookies are still dancing in my head and making my taste buds water. I make a spectacle of myself as I spend several minutes in front of each incredible exhibit and take photo after photo, trying to capture for you how absolutely wonderful everything looks… and then I spend just as much time trying to decide what I want to sample. Day one of my vacation is all about the macarons.

Again, no recipe in this entry (nor will there be in the upcoming ones)… but welcome to my version of France… as seen through the food that I sample (and photograph). And just imagine the stunned looks on the faces of the shop attendants as I try and photograph their food rather than place an order… :0)

a tower of delight

Julie enjoyed the pistachio macarons

my personal favourite… lemon!

All I can say is… everything tastes so much better than it looks (I swear!)

Bienvenue en France mes amies ;0)


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