inspired by… ME

I’d like to let you in on a secret… well, I guess it isn’t a secret if you: (1) live with me, (2) work with me, (3) talk to me regularly. But for everyone else, here goes. I’m obsessed. Yep, obsessed with these tofu sundaes, created at my local organic market (just around the corner and along my route home from work).

A great little shop for all my baking needs, I’ve discovered that it is also home to these tofu sundaes; peanut butter supernova (not for the faint of heart, or anyone with a peanut allergy), chocolate peanut butter bliss, even flavours that involve almonds and cherries, blueberries and even strawberries.

They sit on the shelve, just waiting for someone to grab them and bring them home. Served in a clear (biodegradable) container, the silken tofu (blended with whatever flavour used) is layered with crushed pecans and chocolate… so that they look just like an ice cream sundae. You know you have a good product when you’re offered a spoon by the cashier… they pretty much expect that you’ll eat it as you walk home :0) (my kind of service!)

maple parallel pecan unvierse

Are you wondering how I became the inspiration for one of these? Well… while buying a chocolate peanut butter bliss sundae I met the girl who makes them, and I thought she should know how awesome I think her tofu desserts are. We chatted a little and I mentioned that in my humble opinion a great flavour combo would involve; pecans, maple syrup, the tofu and chocolate chips. The next time I went in… volià! Minus the chocolate (which I added on my own at home), she’d created the Maple Parallel Pecan Universe. And all because I stopped and chatted with her!

layer of pecans sandwiched between layers of maple syrup tofu

enjoying a spoonful of the dessert inspired by me

my addition of the chocolate chips

I think that is pretty cool. We’ve discussed changing it a little, including more pecans and a bit more maple syrup… but here you go. A first look at something I helped inspire :0)

It totally made my day!

**note: I completely understand that silken tofu isn’t everyone’s idea of a great dessert, so no worries if this entry doesn’t rock your boat. But I do hope that my enthusiasm made you smile. Just a little :0)

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