congratulations! you’re 5 years old!

Let me tell you how to throw a surprise party ;0)

1. Gather a solid group of people… say, friends and family… Check
2. Buy some bubbly, grab some awesome catering and get some cake… triple check
3. Convince the people being surprised to show up… check!
4. Get the crowd to pay attention when said people arrive… we kinda dropped the ball on that one.

You might want a bit more context. The Whalesbone turned 5 on June 9th. Pretty awesome eh? I thought so. I was also super stoked to be invited to attend the celebratory lunch AND to bake the celebratory cake. Yep. That’s right… I got to bake a cake (sweetness!)… recipe to follow ;0)

Friends and family gathered to celebrate Josh and Sherri’s 5 years of success. The crowd was gathered, the balloons were hung, the bubbly was chilling… and in walked Josh (and Liam, aka Batman). We didn’t jump out or yell surprise… we all kind of stared at each other, turned to Josh and stared some more… until Jen yelled “SURPRISE!” We got it right when Sherri walked in (it only took us a couple tries).

Josh (the blue shirt)¬†raising a glass to toast… and all of us joining in

The lunch was catered by The Whalesbone catering – Kate (the caterer) supplied roasted vegetable sandwiches on focaccia, chicken and rhubarb on a cranberry nut bread, assortments of cheese, crostini, smoked salmon, scallops and olives… yeah. It was pretty rad.

part of the spread…

smoked salmon, olives and salads…

rhubarb compote and amazing cheeses… bliss

And I baked a cake. Yep. A three-layered chocolate cake, filled with raspberry butter cream and covered in a chocolate fudge frosting. Yeah. That was pretty rad too.

the birthday cake… well… the candles :0)

I’m super stoked that I got to celebrate with the gang… I mean, even Barry, the first ever client was there. It was the bestest lunch break ever. And bubbly in the middle of the day is never a bad thing ;0)

Congrats guys! I look forward to making you another celebratory cake :0)


2 thoughts on “congratulations! you’re 5 years old!

  1. Hi Lynn! I am Mackenzie's mom (obviously), the young lady who adores chef Charlotte, who was sent to help you make sundaes a couple of Fridays ago. We all love The Whalesbone, and have since the beginning, when chef Vardy was there. Happy 5th anniversary, and cheers to many more.

  2. Hi Mackenzie's mom! I love having Mackenzie help out with plating desserts… hopefully you guys will stop by again soon! Isn't the WBOH the best?! I agree… cheers to many more anniversaries to come :0)

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