brunch is a wonderful thing

My favourite meal of all is brunch. I absolutely, without a doubt heart brunch. Finding a really great brunch place is always a mission of mine. I’ve found my new spot… and it’s not just because they perfectly poach their eggs (and I mean… I ended up with 3 eggs on my plate, every one of them was perfect), it’s because the entire atmosphere lends itself to a chillaxing meal between friends. The food is front and centre… but the ambience certainly doesn’t dissapoint.

You might be wondering which restaurant I’m gushing over. Domus Café. Brunch has been re-invented by sous-chef Adam. We worked together at the Whalesbone one Friday night, and over a pint we discussed… food… well, more specifically, brunch.  I lamented about how so many places offer a beautiful brunch menu, and yet, they don’t properly execute the dish… something as simple as a poorly poached egg can completely ruin a meal.  Adam boasted that he could poach an egg.  I decided to take him up on it.

Last Sunday I sat down with a friend and was faced with the major decision… what to order? Seriously. The menu is a-maz-ing!

Should I pick:

the wild morel mushroom & scrambled egg crostini?


the domus house smoked trout “rosti”?


the grampy taylors sour cream hotcakes?

Savoury? Sweet? Sigh… what to do!? I heart being at a restaurant and feeling this way… nothing is better than wanting to order more than just one thing — a sure sign that this was going to be an incredible meal.

side note:  I also keep craning my head and staring at what other diners were enjoying… it didn’t make it any easier to choose, since everything looked mouth watering delicious.

We both ordered after some recommendations from the waiter (thank you for assisting us!) and then settled into the fresh bread accompanied by a blueberry infused oil. Isn’t it just pretty? Add some coarse sea salt ontop of the dipped bread and you’re golden.

Then… a suprise from the kitchen. Adam sent out a little amuse bouche (well… more like an appetizer)… isn’t it gorgeous?!  A perfectly poached quail egg, seared fois gras, and rhubarb compote piled atop a sour cream pancake.  Notice how the yolk just gushed out and soaked the fois gras and the pancake? It was rich, and decadent.  And amazing.  Yes… it was sigh worthy.

I ended up picking the domus house smoked trout “rosti” / poached free range egg / crème fraiche / chutney / terre a terre greens … it was a feast for the eyes as much as it was for my mouth (and tummy). The chutney added a sharp contrast to the smokiness of the trout, and underneath everything were nice rosti of potatoes… perfect to soak up the runny egg yolk. Sigh. This is what brunch is all about.

See… empty plate.

And then a visit from the Chef himself…. I was able to congratulate Adam and his crew for probably the best brunch I’ve ever enjoyed.  The Domus Café crew  most definitely know how to pull off brunch — poached eggs and all.  It didn’t hurt any that the entire meal was finished off with complimentary, homemade (in-house) raspberry sorbet with candied nuts.  Yeah… perfect ending to a perfect meal.

In case you haven’t guessed… I’m strongly encouraging everyone to enjoy a Domus Café brunch in the very near future ;0)

3 thoughts on “brunch is a wonderful thing

  1. mium,mium, I love brunch because I can have it everyday! poached with lemon butter sauce on smoked salmon is my fave, but I also indulge in waffles, staws and whip cream and maple sirup always. I just bought a 4 litres in whitehorse and everyone was looking at me funny…

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