not all stand-mixers are created equal

I have to say… this was probably my favourite WhalesboneFriday yet!  Why might you ask?? … well, scroll on down and I’ll tell you all about it!

First off… and most importantly… it was short shorts night @ the WBOH.  I forgot mine.  But Jenna and Kshonze represented… check out those gams! … and I don’t mean Jenna’s ;0)

But back to my actual shift…

It started off as usual… I got there, chit chatted with the crew (Charlotte was away, so I got to hang with Jenna and Kshonze), ate a little of the family meal (with Gerry, Richard and Krause), and then headed downstairs to complete my tasks. 

Jenna decided to keep me in a dessert state of mind (mucho gracias!).

On my task list:

1.  Organize all the sundae toppings — this included the brownies and pecan skor bars that needed to be broken up and then frozen… I have an ever so slight problem with this task…  You see… Jenna’s brownie is the best ever (seriously)… and so I always want to break up a piece or two for me…rich, dark, gooey brownie pieces on my hands.  BLISS.

2.  Make a double batch of maraschino cherries — so bright and pretty… and I now know that the secret lies in lemon zest… oh how I heart making these!

3.  Next, make a double batch of marshmallow fluff

this was a MESSY job for a couple of reasons.

1)  the circuit blew and I had to move the induction cook top to another spot in the prep kitchen.  Not a big deal… except… in order to prevent another fuse from going out, I was working in the dark ;0) 

My simple syrup went from softball stage to hardball stage before I noticed… and yet… I tried to make it work (thank you Tim Gunn).

2) then it was time to use the stand-mixer… talk about an impressive machine!  I mean… just check out the size of that whisk!!!  It’s HUGE!!!! 

And, the machine itself is made with a “safety gate“… the idea is to keep your hands from getting caught in the [paddle attachment / whisk / dough hook] while the machine is on.  My problem was that the recipe called for the simple syrup to be “slowly drizzled” into the egg-white mixture… I ended up whisking a bit, turning the machine, adding syrup, turning it on… repeat several times over.  No constant drizzle.  Sigh.

3) corn syrup is used in the making of the simple syrup.  Corn syrup is sticky and messy.  And it gets very hot. 

Note to self:  don’t try to wipe up a hot corn syrup mess with your fingers… they will get burned!

But check out how awesome it looks?  My spatula was covered in a thick, gooey, ridiculously sweet layer of fluff… I stuffed it in a piping bag and set it in the fridge to set a little bit.  It’ll be perfect for a sundae.  Triple sigh.


With those tasks completed, Jenna brought me another little goodie to keep my hands busy… LOBSTER KNUCKLES!  She quickly demonstrated to me how to pierce them with a knife, grab a chopstick and push the meat out… super simple, super fun!  I actually would be more than happy to do this again… there is something rewarding in getting all the lobster meat out of the shell… serious fun times.



You might still be wondering why this was my favourite shift @ the WBOH to date… well it’s pretty simple… I had visitors!  First Sara and Tanya — oysters, beer and then sundaes. 

Sara’s sundae was pretty classic:  vanilla ice cream / butterscotch sauce / peanut butter balls / cookie dough / cheesecake bites (with rhubarb)… so pretty.  So yummy in her tummy.

Tanya had chatted with me while I was dipping some peppermint patties (part of the sundae topping organization task) and so she kept that in mind when filling out her sundae card:  vanilla ice cream / chocolate ganache / cookie dough / peppermint patties / peanut butter balls… full of chocolate decadence.


I was pretty stoked already about serving Sara and Tanya their sundaes… but even better… three other friends were sitting next to them at the bar — Kailey, Trevor and Nicki –wine and sundaes.   Another triple order!  SWEETNESS! 

Fun order eh?

Yeah… I’m pretty lucky to have people who show up and support me and my adventures at the Whalesbone… that was the cherry ontop of my sundae!

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