kichesippi … what? chef lynne… for real?

I have to admit… quite a bit happened at the Whalesbone on Friday night.  It all started off with a beer tasting during staff meal. Kichesippi beer to be exact. 


Best staff meal ever!  Seriously.  Charlotte made some of her honey and black bean garlic ribs for us, some über creamy potato salad (inspired by PEI.. oh how I heart good potato salad and PEI), and Chloé had made us a super light and flavourful lentil salad that added a freshness to the meal. 

potato salad / macaroni salad / slaw / lentil salad

Top all that off with a pint of Kichesippi beer and you’re golden!  This beer is a pale ale, with  fruity undertones;  it reminded me the panachés I ordered in France – – half beer, half lemonade.  The perfect drink to cut your thirst on a warm, sunny afternoon.  I think you should give this beer a chance… especially since they are locally brewed and locally sold.  You won’t find this outside of Ottawa… so take some pride in our city and get yourself a pint!  Thanks Paul for the beer :0)

With staff meal finished we headed back to work.  My first task included me and a large pot of strawberries.  Check them out!

Chloé had the beginnings of a strawberry jam going so I was asked to dish it out of the massive pot they’d been stewing in and put them in two smaller containers.  Can I just say… the smell of strawberries is heavenSERIOUSLY!!!  I just wanted to stand there and take it in… don’t worry, I contained myself and got on with the task at hand. 

Every week I am reminded of the huge difference between working in my own, tiny kitchen, producing average quantities of baked goods/food vs. working in a restaurant.  Take the wooden spoon for instance. 

At home, I would have used it to scoop out the strawberries and dump them into another container.  At the Whalesbone that would have taken me hours… imagine… hours of scooping, pouring, scooping, pouring… fun?  I think not.  So – – after several minutes of this (yes, I did in fact have to waste several minutes with the spoon before clueing in), I grabbed a large measuring cup and started dunking that into the strawberries and pouring them into the containers.  Done in about 5 minutes.  Seriously. 

Charlotte handed me some beautiful, fresh, tart rhubarb to chop and add to the strawberries. 

Charlotte was going to finish it all off on Saturday … strawberry rhubarb jam.  A million delightful sighs.

Once my strawberries and rhubarb were all organized, I had a little visitor come and lend me a hand.  Mackenzie and her folks are regulars at the WBOH.  She’s helped me plate desserts a few times… once being a couple of weeks ago… and was such a big help I asked her to come down and lend a hand again.  She took me up on my offer!

Mackenzie brought down her order:  1 scoop vanilla ice cream / chocolate ganache / peanut buttercups / mini donuts

Other than the mini donuts, Mackenzie did this on her own.  Check out the smile on her face as she is squeezing that ganache onto her perfectly scooped ice cream!

She then grabbed some peanut buttercups and piled those on top.  At that point it was time to pull the donuts out of the deep fryer and roll them in a cinnamon sugar… et voilà! 

Perfect sundae and absolutely awesome little helper! 

Plus… Mackenzie and her mom call me Chef Lynne!  That is so totally cool!!!!  Thank you Mackenzie for lending me a hand :0)

I spent the rest of the evening cleaning out the fridge – – as Charlotte suggested; I played tetris with the litre containers, arranging everything so that it made sense and didn’t waste space.  I should have taken before and after pictures since I’m quite proud of how well it turned out… but I have a sneaky feeling I’ll be tasked with doing this again at some point.

OH!  Before I forget.  For those of you who tuned into last week’s adventures at the Whalesbone – – you should remember the short short’s attire that Jenna and Kshonzey wore.  Well… Charlotte and Jenna have them beat.  Check it out…

I do believe that we can categorize Jenna’s shorts as short-shorts… but… I think Charlotte’s fall under the underwear category… but that could just be me (just kidding Char!).

My night ended with:  a sorbet sundae (a-maz-ing)…

pascale’s strawberry sorbet / passionfruit curd / brownie bits / marshmallow fluff

yep… my marshmallow fluff that I made last week.   I will take full credit for it being AWE-SOME.  It’s sticky, and fluffy, and sweet, and perfect…  and it was served in a mason jar… even better!

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