heck ya we dance on tables!

Friday night at the Whalesbone was a pretty big deal.  It was Jenna’s last Friday night as the sous-chef.  I showed up prepared.  Jenna and I talk desserts a lot.  Seriously.  We both have insane sweet tooth’s… so we talk chocolate, butter, sugar, flavour combos… salty/sweet treats… if you can bake it, we will talk about it.

We have spent a lot of time talking about popcorn.  Why you might ask?  Well… how amazing is it to find a dessert that is normally savory and add that hint of sweetness?!  Pretty darn amazing! Our popcorn obsession has brought us to share a batch of my chocolate toffee popcorn and copious fistfuls of Jenna’s killer cracker jack popcorn.

It also means that Jenna and I have been talking recipes.  Jenna discovered a recipe in her death by chocolate book:  chocolate caramel popcorn crunch.  Yeah… that sounds pretty incredible eh?  Especially when you check out the recipe and see that not only is it a layer of caramel covered popcorn BUT that the popcorn is then covered in a layer of chocolate brown butter ganache!!!!  A-MAZ-ING!  Nutty, chocolaty, caramel sweetness.  Since Jenna hasn’t had a chance to make it yet… I figured I would take a shot at it… I’m pretty stoked that it turned out so well… crunchy goodness… and so sweet your teeth hurt.  Solid treat in my estimation.

chocolate caramel popcorn crunch

So yes… I brought in the treat.  Then it was time to get to work.

Friday night was INSANE at the Whalesbone!!! (I think soon I’ll just be calling it The Bone or maybe The Whale?… thoughts anyone?)

My tasks were all over the place – – in both the savory and sweet departments.

#1. I was given a whole lotta mixed greens and romaine lettuce to clean and put away.  You might think that this would be a dull task.  But it’s not!    I got to play with the new salad spinner… not exciting say you?  Well check it out..  It’s HUGE. And it spins a whole lotta lettuce at once.  I heart it.

massively huge spinner… so cool

And isn’t the romaine lettuce just absolutely incredible?  Crisp and green… fresh from the garden.  It smells of summer and tastes of all good things that come from nature.  Seriously addictive stuff (yes, I heart sweets, but I also really heart veggies… especially in season, fresh veggies… bliss in my tummy).

clean romaine :0)

#2. I was then tasked with making some of the cream cheese filling for cheesecake bites.  Super simple recipe:  simple syrup (sugar and a little water) with a vanilla bean pod (seeds also) thrown in for flavour and beauty (I heart the smell of a vanilla bean… I honestly walked around the restaurant with one under my nose breathing it in… a-maz-ing).  Once that soft ball stage hit, the syrup was then drizzled into already whipped cream cheese; continuing to whip until everything is combined and comes together.  I then threw it in the freezer to quickly flash freeze it.  It was beautiful.  AND if you go into the Whalesbone this week – – I bet you’ll get to eat some of it.  You should go (not only for that reason… but it doesn’t hurt)

#3. Next task involved lobster knuckles.  Yep.  I got to work with those babies again.  SWEET!  First off… I heart the task because anytime I get to be that close to such prime product I get excited.  Secondly… I am SO MUCH FASTER at this task the 2nd time round.  No joke!  I was given a pretty large bucket (with almost 90 knuckles) and I finished in 90 minutes! I am so pleased!!!!  Claps for Lynne!

#4. Individually wrap and freeze salmon.  A thing of beauty.  It’s so pink, and thick… Charlotte threw on some dill and salt and pepper… check it out!  Doesn’t it make you want to just go in and ask for salmon sashimi?!  It’s so fresh and thick and beautiful.


#5. In my spare time I rolled peanut butter balls.  Lots of them.  Lots of mini peanut butter balls.  But once you dip those babies in chocolate – – a sundae topping is born.

beginning of a peanut butter cup… stage 1

To read all of this you wouldn’t think that it wasn’t such a wild, eventful evening would you?

Well the party was happening upstairs!  Everyone seemed to be celebrating their birthdays… I got to create my own little sundae toppings over and over again…

Imagine… it’s your birthday and you got this as your sundae

vanilla ice cream / butterscotch / marshmallow fluff / fresh cherries, strawberries, slivers of apple / graham cracker crumble

Yum eh?!

Also, my friend Tanya (gongshow gardener) brought in her little brother, Frank.  Frank has just returned to Canada after spending two years in Ireland and he ordered a sundae.  His request was pretty simple:

vanilla ice cream / strawberry coulis / brownie bites / fresh fruit

I asked Tanya what he would like – – as a little something extra.  mini doughnuts made the list.  So I decided to take matters in my own hands.

vanilla ice cream / strawberry sorbet / strawberry coulis / brownie bites / whipped cream / mini doughnuts / fresh fruit

Then platonic Jeff showed up… and brought some friends along – – Connie and Jamie.  Platonic Jeff has some pretty awesome friends.  First off… they heart my blog, they heart bubbly AND they heart lemon meringue pie (as in MY lemon meringue pie since Jeff has brought one of my pies along to their house before).  So… I made them a sundae inspired by a pie idea I have…

vanilla ice cream / passionfruit curd / chocolate ganache / graham cracker crumbs

Solid.  They liked it so much they started dancing on the harvest table at the front of the restaurant.  For reals!  Check out the picture…  The crowd was embracing the music on the record player and decided to kick up their heels…

these are not actors… they really were dancing on tables… I swear :0)

It was a great night.  Seriously.  I think it was the perfect way for Jenna to end her last Friday night shift… with table-top dancing, lots of drinks being passed around… and some chocolate caramel popcorn crunch as a midnight snack.

I’ll miss you Jenna!  But I’m super excited for your next adventures… and I can’t wait to blog about those too!

3 thoughts on “heck ya we dance on tables!

  1. OMG!!! Chocolate caramel popcorn crunch *drool*, lobster *sigh*, the salmon looks amazing!!! You know how much I heart the sundaes!!! And dancing on tables…

  2. i made the big mistake of reading that sundae order sheet LATE at night when i couldn’t sleep… and NOW i’m hungry!

    eat something and pretend it’s sundae OR
    try to sleep with now growling tummy and hope to dream of sundae…

    what to do? what to do? what to do…

  3. Not only do we enjoy your terrific enthusiasm in your blogging, Lynne, I also just LOVE your photographs! The colours are fantastic, the food looks more-than-enticing and you have such an imaginative way of presenting little special touches – bravo!

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