industry night at oz kafe

What a night!  Last Monday (June 26th) was industry night at Oz Kafe… remember how much I enjoyed Chloé’s Thai inspired meal last month?  Well… this time, it was Petit Bill’s Bistro‘s time to shine.  And did they ever!

I’d never heard about Petit Bill’s until I walked into Oz and sat down to my meal.  Joined by Kailey (of passionfruit cheesecake brownie fame) and Platonic Jeff (of The Hobo and Jack the dog fame) none of us had any expectations… but boy did the menu get our taste buds working!

Imagine sitting down and having this menu look up at you (yes, yes… I know a menu can’t look up at you… but you know what I mean)…

seared scallop

roquette / radish / smoked vegetable vinaigrette / parmesan bowl

It was perfect.  The scallop wasn’t over cooked; it fell apart on your fork.  And the parmesan bowl was that perfect saltines… and then the peppery roquette… the perfect way to start a meal… balanced and light.  And beautiful.  Right?

tuna tartate

quail yolk / raspberries / capers / dijon / chives

I’m not going to lie… I was a little unsure about the raspberries, capers, dijon, chives combo… but it worked.  The salty and sweet were in perfect balance, and the quail yolk (which we were encouraged to pour over the tartare) added that extra richness that always compliments tuna.  The tartare perfectly topped the little crostinis that accompanied the dish… crunch and rich creaminess.  Sigh.  It was absolutely delish.

raspberry sorbet

Time to clean our  palates – a fresh, raspberry sorbet set in a chinese spoon.  Bright pink sorbet is always fun to eat… a little tart, not overly sweet; the sorbet cleansed our taste buds and got us excited for the main course.

 Braised Boar

sage  gnocchi / shaved carrots / boar demi

The boar was phenomenal… see how it just falls apart?  It was flavourful, and tender and everything you want your meat to be.  In a word – gorgeous!  But the real star of this meal… (no, no, not the carrots – although they were perfectly al dente) the sage gnocchi.  For real.  Sigh worthy (yes, I did sigh… yes, Platonic Jeff did make fun of me).  I could have eaten an entire plate of these… buttery and rich and tender.  OMG they were A-MAZ-ING.   

Chocolate Pavé

peanut butter mousse / chocolate ganache / candied peanuts

 I couldn’t seem to get a good picture of the dessert… so please use your imagination ;0) 

a chocolate square – rich, decadent, moist, fudgy.  DECADENT.  Accompanied by a peanut butter mousse – light and salty… sitting atop the square; screaming for you to cut through both the chocolate base and the mousse, scooping the two of them together at once.  Heaven in your mouth.  Honestly… chocolate-peanut heaven.  A dollop of ganache on the side and a sprinkling of the peanuts… everything was perfectly balanced and nothing overpowered any of the individual components.

I can’t wait to hit up Petit Bill’s Bistro in the very near future and sample their menu.  Another evening at Oz Kafe highlighting local talent – these guys proved how talented they are!



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