cakes cakes cakes!

Wedding cake update!   It’s pretty isn’t it?  And it’s lemonAll lemon.  Summer bliss!

tiered lemon cake

A couple of weeks ago Emily and I were asked to make another wedding cake – – the bride wanted simple: a 2 tiered cake: 12-inch rounds and 9-inch rounds; as well as a half a slab of cake.  All lemon.  Yeppers!  How lucky was I?!  I heart making lemon cake… and this time got to make it to my hearts desire ;0)

Except… that I kinda didn’t bake enough cakes.  Sigh.

You see… I was driving over to Emily’s place to deliver the undecorated cakes and realized… (and I quote, so pardon my language) “shit!  I didn’t bake enough for the slab cake!”

I’d baked two 9-inch rounds, two 12-inch rounds, and two 13-inch rectangles – which Emily was going to place side-by-side to create a half slab.  BUT I realized… I needed four 13-inch rectangles… so that they could be placed side-by-side and layered: therefore being thick enough.  Seeing the round cakes sitting on-top of each other made me realize that I was missing the necessary height.


I continued to Emily’s place and delivered what I had… promising to return the following morning with the remaining 2 cakes.  Back home I went, whipping up a batter (thankfully I had butter tempering on the counter) and baking the cakes.  Honestly… it took me longer to sit and wait for them to bake in the oven than it took for me to make the batters.  Silly mistake – – thankfully caught in time!

Once again – Emily knocked it out of the park!  The fondant is perfectly wrapped around the cake, the piping is simple and not over the top.  I love it!  And so did the bride.

close-up of the fondant and piping work

And then there was the half slab – the bride wanted it to be super simple: buttercream frosting and then Emily kept with the lemon theme of the cake by piping little yellow (and pink) buttercream dots all over.  Sweet eh?  I think so.  And it looks… yummy!

the half slab

Oh how I heart making cakes with Em! 


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