oh how i heart this pizza

Cheezy Luigi’s.

I’d driven past it numerous times.  Found in the quaint town of Wakefield (my favourite place to spend an afternoon or evening) – about 30 minutes outside of Ottawa; well worth the trip.


Do you love pizza?  I mean, do you love a good, thin crust, cheezy pizza? Then do it.  Drive to Wakefield (or the 2nd, closer location in Old Chelsea), and enter the pizza parlour.

This is a real family joint – the walls are painted a bright orange, and kids are greeted with the offer of a paper plate to colour on: the plates are then stapled to the wall, contributing to a fun montage.  Awesome. They even sell T-shirts.  :0)

the wall of fame

Once you sit down it’s time to look at the menu.  They have their traditional, classic pizzas (option of either thin or regular crust): cheezy cheese, pepperoni, supreme, vegetarian… you know… the classics.

And then they have their special pizza’s.  Thin crust.  Every option looks better than the last.  I got to sample the following two types last Friday night @ the Whalesbone (thanks Josh for treating us to pizza!)..

The magik mushroom. Richard recommended it – and I understand why.  Incredible! So simple –  local organic mushrooms: portobello, king eryngi, blue oyster, topped with a drizzle of truffle oil.  Oh yeah… and don’t forget all that cheese.  They don’t call themselves cheezy Luigi’s for nothing!

Kshonze then requested Luigi’s secret: capicollo ham, kalamata olives, hot peppers and portobello mushrooms.  A-maz-ing! The hot peppers are perfect against the layer of mozzarella cheese – and all the salty goodness of the ham, olives and cheese:  but so well balanced!

After having enjoyed a slice of each I decided to head out to Wakefield on Sunday and enjoy some more pizza.  I brought along some friends (they too contributed to the wall of fame) and we each ordered a pizza.

Pizza option number one was picked pretty quickly.  A firm:  cheezy cheese.  Done.

the classic cheezy cheese

See all that melted cheese?  The thin crust perfectly held the plethora of cheese.  By the end of the meal… it was all gone.

Pizza option number two… it started off as a supreme: pepperoni, green peppers, olives, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms.  That is… until the little hobbit heard that you could design your own.  Eyes lit up, huge smile on the face – and a pizza was created.

pepperoni / olives / bacon / sausage

Looks like a meat lovers pizza eh?  Another winner.

And finally… I debated – order the magik mushroom or design my own?  In the end… the list of options available to me in the design my own was just too tempting to resist.

black olives / anchovies / oyster mushrooms / goat’s cheese (no extra mozza for me)

Salty amazingness.  It was so good.  The beauty of Cheezy Luigi’s is that they balance the amount of toppings to the crust – it doesn’t get too heavy, it’s not soggy, you can taste the quality ingredients, and the crust doesn’t get hard and stiff.

A small pizza is perfect for one person.  4 pieces.

Sigh.  I’m already planning to bike to Wakefield to enjoy another pizza :0)  I think anything offered at Cheezy Luigi’s is well worth the mileage…


4 thoughts on “oh how i heart this pizza

  1. Glad you are in a “happier place”, Lynne! I am happy to lend Mackenzie out for a pizza date with you ~ she’ll buy!

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