hello west coast!

Vancouver to be more precise.  Oh how I heart this city!

I’m spending a long (well, technically, extra-long) weekend in Vancouver: attending a wedding, visiting old, wonderful friends, and enjoying the food.  Yeah... this trip is all about those things.

I realized on my cab ride into the city that I haven’t been in Vancouver… well, in a good 2 years.  And even then, I’ve never actually really visited the city.  I’ve always been here for work – – too busy to enjoy anything other than some incredibly fresh and delicious sushi, a little shopping on Robson Street… or more likely, looking outside the window of the car as we drove around in a motorcade (which, I will admit – anytime you need to drive in a city – motorcading it is totally the way to go).  I don’t think any of that really constitutes as visiting Vancouver… do you?

It was time to get here, get settled and enjoy the sites and sounds.

Back to my arrival… I landed late afternoon and gathered my things, grabbed a taxi and made my way to Beach Crescent – directly across from Ganville Island (so excited).  Katie (my hostess with the mostess), lives directly across from the water – a short walk from Stanley Park and a hop, skip and a throw away from Yaletown.  I am totally in heaven!

I mean… check out my view from her blacony….

that my friends is Ganville Island!  I am so stoked!

First thing I did… pulled out my runners, my running shorts and tank top, and hit the path.  I mean – running along the pacific – who would want to miss that?  Perfect way to get my bearings – and boy did I ever.  I followed the path until I hit Stanley Park (which, although I’d always seen it from my hotel window, I’d never actually explored) – and ran around in there for a bit.  Sigh.  It was A-MAZING! That run totally re-energized me after my flight… and I didn’t get lost!!!!

authors note:  I get lots just about any and everywhere I go… so this, is a major feat… and you might think that”of course you didn’t get lost Lynne… you followed a path!” – I’ve gotten lost following a path before… heck – it still happens in Ottawa – and I’ve been living there for 11 years!

Just as I got back to the condo, Michaud, Katie’s boyfriend got home.  I haven’t seen him in eons either!  It was so nice to see his smiling face and blue eyes :0)  And even better… he brought home fresh produce.  CHERRIES!!!! The best, juciest, sweetest cherries I’ve had all season. Sigh.  I kept grabbing at them as we caught up.  It was PERFECTION.

Please be forewarned… I took a lot of pictures of our food last night… I mean – I get great produce in Ottawa (living 3 minutes from the market and all)… but I get so excited when I see fresh fruit, veggies, fish… it just totally makes me smile and my arm is drawn to my camera before I can even think about it… and since this is a food blog… I never really think you’ll mind… cuz isn’t it all so pretty?

i heart fresh cherries… seriously heart them…

Katie came home shortly after Michaud (real name David…. I just prefer to call him by his last name) and brought along an incredible piece of west coast pacific salmon, some ginger, garlic and baby potatoes.  It looked like we were going to have a great dinner – tres west coast – grilled veggies and fish. I am so all over that!

Check out the beginnings of our meal…

pacific salmon

garlic and ginger

baby potatoes

Michaud bought some beets as well… beautiful non?

We (well, truth be told, they) prepared the veggies and fish and we sat down with a glass of wine, taking the time to catch up.  Isn’t it great when you can start up right where you left off with some friends?  As if time and distance doesn’t mean anything?  That’s what this was like… easy and simple.

final, prepared dish… grilled veggies and maple, ginger glazed salmon.  delicious

simple… olive oil, garlic and herb de provence… delish!

Oh yeah…and check out the view during dinner?  Again… I’m so in love with this city right now…

incredible non?

Ok… so yesterday was perfect in my estimation; a quick run, beautiful scenery, followed by excellent food and wine, even better company and a great nights sleep.  Now to log off this thing and get myself going!  There is way too much to see… and I’ve realized… so not enough time!



3 thoughts on “hello west coast!

  1. LYNNE! I am soooooooooooooooo jealous right now. It was a year ago on the 20th that my sweetie and I arrived on Vancouver Island. We totally loved it there and are frequently wondering why we ever moved back. The produce is so amazing over there & the scenery is SPECTACULAR!!

    Enjoy your long weekend!!! & never apologize for taking lots of pics. How else are you supposed to share them with us!!!

  2. looks like regular fair for us too in the Yukon, but not as fresh! we get beets in Watson Lake only in the fall…

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