vancouver… day 2.1

My first full day in Vancouver and it was… spectacular! The weather was incredible – not a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining, a breeze was blowing… and yep… I even got a slight burn.  A perfect day for wandering around the city and getting my bearings.

I mentioned that Katie and Michaud live right across from Granville Island right?  Well – they are probably 100 feet from the ferry you use to cross – – so out the door I went; comfy sandles, my canon in my bag and my iphone in my hand – texting with Michaud about our upcoming lunch date.

Michaud promised me the best fish and chips on… the island… quite possible in the country… and according to some… the best in the world.  I was excited to check it out.

the aqua bus… cutest little commuter ferry ever

I grabbed the ferry – crossed over and… wham!  I entered my mecca – a market!  Remember how in France I spent all my time taking pictures of cheese, fish, herbs, olives, etc?  Same thing happened yesterday… only it was fruit fruit fruit… some veggies and FISH!  Oh how beautiful, lush, colourful everything was!  As soon as you enter the market there is a fruit stand – cherries (bright red, sour and white), peaches, nectarines, apricots, blueberries, blackberries (they made my heart sing), raspberries… all there, all for my eyes to feast on.  And all local BC product.  A-MAZ-ING!

I wandered a little further into the market and was drawn into the vegetables.  Who can resist a purple onion?  Or radish that are spilling over themselves? And don’t get me started on the mushrooms… the morels!  Sigh.  Bliss… heaven! I was surrounded by vendors so proud of their produce – and you could smell the freshness!  The greens were lusher, the vegetables more plentiful… I know… you’d think I’d never been in a market before – but when you get so stroll among stalls where everything is as fresh as the next… well… it sure is exciting.  Especially for a foodie who hearts fruits and veggies.

Don’t worry – – I hadn’t forgotten about Michaud or that lunch he promised me!  We decided to meet and I made my way along the seawall to a little blue shack.  Seriously… a little blue shack next to the docks (where fresh fish was for sale… enourmous fresh fish) – with the promise of a great lunch.  First off – -it is not a little known secret, Michaud and I waited 1 hour 10 minutes – from the time we got in line until we were served.  For reals.  But it was SO worth the wait.

The shack is simply called Go Fish.  Yep.  Like the card game.  Only waaay better.  The best part about the menu… it doesn’t only offer fish and chips – you can choose between a scallop burger (ridiculously amazing), tuna wrap with avocado and roasted red peppers… even fish tacos: tuna, oysters or salmon.  Awesome eh?

After some discussion… Michaud and I decided to opt for healthier choices… I know… I missed out on the greatest fish and chips  (I know! I know!) … but I absolutely heart tuna and how could I pass up on a tuna wrap?  And Michaud… he was drawn into the seared scallops, carmelized onions and sweet chili sauce.  Yeah.  I think both of those are so worth it.  And they’re served with an asian slaw – red and white cabbage finely shredded and tossed in a sesame soy sauce.  A-MAZ-ING!

Don’t worry about us missing the fish and chips.  We ended up sitting next to a couple who were enjoying the local specialty – and I asked to take a picture (or… several) and they allowed me to shove my camera lens in his plate.  That’s me – – all class all the time!  He picked the fried halibut (choice of that or cod) and it looked finger licking good.  The batter was perfectly crisp and the fish was flakey.  I think I need to go back and try.

Another bonus of having lunch at a shack on the side of the pacific?  The view!  Nothing between me and the view… the perfect way to spend my lunch.

After lunch, Michaud went back to work and I continued my Granville Island jaunt… listening to someone who sounded just like Paul Simon, sitting on the most comfortable hammock ever (which brought back sweet memories of afternoons at my grandparents home), and then checking out… more produce!  This time the fish.  Stall after stall of fresh fish.  It was awesome.  Fresh tuna, incredible salmon, and… octopus.  Yep – for reals!  Insane!

By this point I needed to hop on the aqua bus and hit up Yaletown (en route to Gastown)… I’ll blog about that on vancouver day 2.2.  All I can say is that Granville was the perfect way to start my first full day in Vancouver… it was simply… amazing.


2 thoughts on “vancouver… day 2.1

  1. Yahoo! Val & I went there too on my way back to the airport, we waited but not that long, it was so good, I crave fish all the time. Also you have to take the tub boat to cross to Yaletown or even the marine museum, it’s so much fun and relaxing..

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