the best bakery in vancouver

Well in my humble opinion.  And no… I haven’t tried every single bakery in Vancouver.  But who needs to try them all when you get the best right off the bat?!

20 feet away from Michaud and Katie’s condo is where the magic happens.  Tartine – a little bakery, filled with all things delightful: pies, tarts, cookies, croissants… oh yes… and let’s not forget – bread.

I woke up on Saturday morning and was informed that I absolutely, most definitely needed to check out Tartine and sample their bread.  According to Katie – their honey oat bread is pretty darn fantastic.  I think we all know me well enough at this point to know that I am always game to see if the claims are accurate… so Tartine, here I come!

We wander down the street, the anticipation building (well… not really, but I was excited to see this place) and in we go.  I’m greeted by (in my humble opinion) an absolutely gorgeous display – PIES!  I can smell the bread… but I walk directly in front of the pies and pull out my camera.

As my attention is focused on trying to ensure that I get some decent photographs (the glare from the window was starting to mess with my objective), I kinda, sorta heard Katie order a loaf of bread and some croissants (Michaud’s special request when we left the condo)… and then mention that I was going to be blogging about Tartine. And then… I was invited back behind the counter and was told I could take pictures without the barrier of the glass.  How AWESOME is that????  HOLY HECK WONDERFUL AWESOME! Already… without even trying a single baked good I just knew that these were good people with a good product.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures… but the thing that really and truly drew my attention… a cherry tart (the blueberry ones look pretty darn delightful as well).  I was about to order one when… it was wrapped up and given to me!  Yep – that’s right!  Saturday morning breakfast included one delicious, decadent, cherry tart – a firm, buttery base, filled with tart, bright red cherries and then sprinkled with sugar.  SIGH!   Yes… I did make noise while I ate it… from the first to the last bite – – Michaud and Katie witnessed the little noises I couldn’t help but make.

And then I tried the bread.  HOLY HECK that is incredible bread.  The outside is a nice hard crust (which I think is the way to go), then we cut into it… again… I was shocked.  It was so thick, but not heavy – light and bouncy, almost like a sour dough: it had substance.  The honey loaf was still baking oven Katie and I showed up – so we happily brought the cranberry walnut loaf instead.  Absolutely no regrets.  I think between the tree of us, three-quarters of that loaf was very quickly, and pleasurably consumed.

Then we got to the croissants (it was a carb heavy breakfast).  Remember how I admitted to enjoying a pain au chocolat or a croissant every single day of my holiday in France?  This croissant was better than any of the ones sampled on my French adventure (Julie… you would have died.  seriously)… It was pure butter.  You could smell the butter, but the croissants didn’t leave a film of grease on your fingers as you bite into the pastry.  Absolute perfection.  Nothing else to say about it.

Obviously – these are my own personal opinions.  But I do urge anyone in the Vancouver area, or hitting up Vancouver for a little vacation to give Tartine (770 Beach Avenue) the time of day.  You won’t regret it.  Actually… I think you’ll regret missing out on it if you don’t go.  Seriously.

front and centre… cherry pie.  oh sigh!  notice the glare off the window?

an assortment of tarts… sigh.  notice… no glare!  that’s because I was behind the counter, snapping away!

towers of cookies… this picture doesn’t do them justice.  If you live nearby you should go and try one… or one of each!

the nice people who invited me behind the counter.  she gave me that cherry tart.  THANK YOU!!!! (both)

the cherry tart that stole my heart and made me a very happy girl.  for reals.

i mean… how could that not produce moans of satisfaction?  just look at it!!!

croissant perfection… see all those pockets of air?  that’s all thanks to butter.  glorious butter.  better than any croissant i’ve ever tried before. no lies.

not just any ol’ bread.  this is the real deal.

not overly peppered with cranberries and walnuts.  everything was balanced perfectly.


3 thoughts on “the best bakery in vancouver

  1. Holy Crap Lynnifred!!! I am in gluten hell….dreaming about that oh so delectable looking croissant and loaf of bread!! I hear them calling my name…… so sad 😦

  2. your pic are really good! what kind of cam?
    glad you enjoyed Van, my fav city, I sure would like one of those tarts!

    • the tarts were amazing… but nothing compared to the croissant. i use a canon G12 (i think)… i love it! i got a great deal… gotta love craigslist!

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