my platonic date @ la bottega

It’s the Friday of a long weekend and I just didn’t feel like making my lunch today.  You know those mornings… when you wake up and you’d rather get another 20 minutes sleep rather than make your lunch?  Today was one of those days.  Good thing Platonic Jeff and I had already agreed to meet for lunch.

I haven’t hung out with Platonic Jeff since before my trip to Vancouver.  We randomly ran into one another Monday evening (me on my Oz date, he on another date… and yes, I was introduced as Platonic Lynne to his date – hilarious!).   Since we agreed that we absolutely had to grab dinner or coffee or something this week… we landed on a lunch date, at La Bottega.  YES!  I heart La Bottega… especially their sandwiches.

Located in the heart of the byward market, La Bottega is a great little Italian gourmet deli place – family run with quality products… olives and spicy eggplant (sigh), fresh focaccia, pasta, cheese (lots of cheese), and meats, all on wonderful display.  Not to mention oils, vinegar, and condiments galore!  Yep… a great place to stop by… even if it’s just to browse.

But let’s get back to my lunch date.  Jeff and I had a mission:  create delicious sandwiches and enjoy them sitting in the sun.  The perfect plan for a sunny, summer afternoon.

First off – the thing with La Bottega is this… everyone seems to grab their lunch here.  We walked in and made our way to the back of the deli… and were stopped by a line of people.  Not just a handful of people… nope.  This was a line that twisted all the way around the cheese display – all the way to the olive and eggplant displays.  Good thing we enjoy talking to one another… we had some time to kill.

 platonic jeff @ the back of the line… we have a ways to go

standing next to the olives and spicy eggplant… no sampling please ;0)

By the time we had rounded the corner, Jeff and I were able to look up at the big, black hanging signs and create our own sandwich: bread, cheese, meat (up to 3 different types), and then toppings.

Time to build my our sandwiches :0)

mine:  multigrain bread / roast turkey / italian ham / yellow mustard / black olives / spicy eggplant / hot peppers / tomato / lettuce

Jeff’s:  focaccia / provolone / genoa salame / italian ham / yellow mustard / black olives / spicy eggplant / hot peppers / tomato / lettuce

Both sandwiches were GREAT! – the bread was fresh, the meats were thinly sliced, the mustard generously squeezed on… and everything just brought it all together.  And the best part… only $5.50 (tax incl.)  The thing about a sandwich… it doesn’t have to be complicated to be good.  And La Bottega seems to understand that.

Recommended for a weekday lunch… just give yourself enough time to wait in line :0)

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