corn, peaches and tuna – i must be @ the whalesbone!

I joined twitter last week.  Yep.  Katie recommended that I give twitter a shot – especially since I’m blogging all the time… well… you learn all sorts of things on twitter.  For example… I learned that Charlotte ordered 4 cases of corn and 2 cases of peaches.  I decided to respond that we should make peach cheesecake and that we should eat the corn for our staff meal…. I really should have known better.

The peaches and corn were waiting for me… as tasks 1 and 2 of the evening.  But really… it was awesome.  I’m not going to lie – this might not be the most exciting of my evenings as the Whalesbone – but it was probably my favourite.  Let me tell you why :0)

some of that corn that charlotte ordered

one of the cases of peaches ordered

Reason number 1.  I got to husk and clean the corn.  Seriously.  I absolutely LOVE (not just heart… love) corn.  My favourite childhood memories can be associated with going to pick up the corn, bringing it home and sitting outside, side-by-side with my mother and sister, all of us happily husking the corn.  We all L-O-V-E corn.  Fresh, sweet corn.  That first bite – that is the taste of summer.  Which is why I really had no issues with those bags; I set up my system.

1.  pull out arm-fulls of corn.

2.  husk the pile of corn.

3.  compost the green husks.

4.  rinse the corn in order to get the “silk” (threads) off and then pull off any remaining threads.

5.  place in a large bin and place in the walk-in.

Simple eh?  Super simple.  Only… it was long.  Like 3 hours long… don’t get me wrong – I really didn’t mind.  I honestly enjoyed husking and cleaning every ear of corn.  I was a very happy little helper.

pulling arm-fulls of corn out of the bags

the very first ear of corn that i husked… amazing.

Once the corn was husked and put away, I turned to the peachesWhat can I say? I was asked to clean and sort the peaches.  Not only was it simple but was also a very quick task.  2 cases in just over 30 minutes.  Excellent!  I’ll sort and clean peaches any day.  Order some more Charlotte!  Reason number 2 to enjoy my evening was done.

cleaning the peaches

cleaned and sorted – these were the “not-so-ripe” peaches

Reason number 3.  TUNA!!!!! 100 lbs of tuna to be exact.

It was… BEAUTIFUL… but heavy.  Really heavy.  I’ve decided that each tuna was the size of a 2-month baby – and just as slick and slippery.  On the other hand, Kshonze called it “the beast of the ocean”… it is pretty impressive.

I was asked to pull them out; individually bundle them in linen (gift wrapping process again), and then wrap in plastic film.  I needed to be super careful so that I didn’t damage the flesh of the fish… I would put my hand into the bag, reach in as far as I could and then pull it out. Glamorous eh? By the end of this task I had blood all over my elbow and fish scales all over both my hands.  I should have worn gloves!

deep red, thick, beautiful tuna.  i heart tuna!

now you see how big it was… a small baby… or the beast of the ocean.  depending on who you ask ;0)

Reason number 4 – – I got a visit from the three amigos – Kailey, Nicky and Trevor came back for more sundaes and some drinks.  Charlotte made their sundaes since my hands were covered in fish juices… but I got the chance to go upstairs and chat with them for a bit.  Super nice.  I heart getting visitors.  Seriously.  You should come by and say hello.  We always love seeing friendly faces.  Always.

And then the final reason my evening was so great… marshmallow fluff.  I didn’t make any.  Nope.  I sampled Chloé’s marshmallow fluff.  Chloé – it was a-maz-ing! I pulled the spoon out of the litre container and decided that I needed to lick that spoon clean.  I think I gasped when I ate it.  You could taste the vanilla extract – -which means… you could taste the sailor jerrys.  Which… in this instance is a compliment.  Trevor and Kailey agree with me.  Shout out to you.  It was fluffy, sticky, sweet… and boozey. YAY!

See… it doesn’t take much to make me a happy camper at the Whalesbone.  Give me: corn, peaches, tuna, friends and marshmallow fluff; a recipe for a great night!

4 thoughts on “corn, peaches and tuna – i must be @ the whalesbone!

  1. OMG, that corn looks scrumptious and those peaches! Can’t say the same about the tuna however as I’m not a big fan and can’t eat any fish.
    Your photographs are really lovely. Wish you had a pic of Chloé’s Marshmallow Fluff…now that I could sink my teeth into 🙂

    • I wish I’d taken a picture of the fluff as well… it was so white, fluffy and perfectly sweet… next time – – as I’m sure she’ll be making another batch or two… :0)

      • I was lucky enough to sample the marshmellow fluff – wow!! AMAZING! 🙂 I love visiting the Whalesbone – getting incredible food and seeing my wonderful Lynne!

  2. I left the restaurant that day thinking only one thing- corn boil party.. And I knew you couldn t get bored with husking..
    Oh and saturday night, I made a vanilla, savory and bay leaf syrup to marinate those beautifull peaches.
    Lynne, your picture are getting more and more amazing by the minute..
    bisou xx

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