wordless wednesdays?

I like the idea of “wordless Wednesdays”… only… I don’t really do “wordless”.  So let’s call this “Minimal Wednesday“… K?

Paula @vanillabeanbaker – you commented that you would love to see Chloé’s marshmallow fluff… this then, is for you ;0)

a spoonful of fluff… just as sweet, boozey and delicious as the week before

And then I couldn’t help but show off my sponge toffee (used in Friday night’s tasting sundae)… isn’t it lovely?

vanilla ice cream / chocolate ganache / salted peanuts / cracker jack / sponge toffee

I’ll stop talking now.



3 thoughts on “wordless wednesdays?

  1. Is it too early for sundaes @ the Whalesbone?!? Your combo of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache, salted peanuts, cracker jack and sponge toffee looks AMAZING!!!

  2. my fluff may be nice but I just can t get around to acheive a nice and high sponge toffee…maybe it s time for some baking trick exchange…


    • your mother told me that the humidity affects the volume of the sponge toffee… i wasn’t that successful either… but i can’t wait to try it again!

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