sneak peek…

Pssstguess what? I’m going to be on TV again… TODAY!

Roger’s television asked me back!  Yep indeed!  Ottawa Daytime asked me to come in and bake with Derick and TL and… I can hardly wait!  (giggles follow the writing of that statement)

I know, I know… I haven’t given you much notice.

But at least this time round I’m giving you a sneak peek – last time I only told you about it after the fact.

Here’s the teaser.

tune in for further details

I hope you can check it out… Rogers Cable Ottawa channel 22.

If you miss the 11:40 am show… you can catch it at 3:40 pm / 6:10 pm / 11:10 pm… plenty of options.  Imagine…  you can watch me over and over again ;0)


2 thoughts on “sneak peek…

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