wordless wednesdays: gelato

I read Eat, Pray, Love a little over 2 years ago.  It spoke to me.  Seriously.  I heart that book.  It’s the kind of book that was worthy of being gifted – people I love recieved a copy; the inside cover completely covered with a gushing, sentimental inscription… hoping that they would be as inspired by the book (and my note) as I was.  Yes.  I am that person.

I saw Eat, Pray, Love over the weekend.  It inspired me to do one thing.  Eat. 

piccolo grande’s  chocolate caramel / nocciola

Gelato has a way of making everything better… even spending 3 hours in a dark theatre watching the demise of one of your favourite books.


2 thoughts on “wordless wednesdays: gelato

  1. I agree that the book was much, much better but I still loved the movie…literally laughed out loud (and not just as a reaction to Tanya’s infectious laugh!) and got teary eyed at least once! Disappointed that I couldn’t join you girls for gelato – yum!!!

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