the crawl continues… through the east village

So yesterday I walked you through the first half of my cupcake crawl in NYC.  Today you get to see how it all turned out… seriously – you don’t want to miss this.  We left off at the Chelsea Market and Eleni’s cupcake.  Remember? Good.

Our next stop was specifically requested by me.  West Village here we come.

FOURTH STOP: Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleeker, at 11th, West Village)

This is the view from across the street.  Seriously… around the corner!  As Abigail said, “it’s because it was in Sex and the City… it’s really not that great.”

Unanimous decision… keep on walking.

We trekked through the West Village (beautiful!) and towards the East Village.

FOURTH STOP:  Dessert Club, ChickaLicious  (204 East 10th, near 2nd, East Village)

inside the bakery… half of the options presented to us…


Reactions: “Frosting insubstantial… texture problematic…. very disappointing.” / “No thank you.” / “No flavour in the cake.”
salted caramel

Reactions:Something strange… tastes like creaming together butter and eggs.  It’s like they tried to go for it and failed.” / “Yak” / “The caramel is burnt.  The frosting is bland.  Nothing redeeming about this.”

thumbs down.  down to the ground.

The shop itself was cute, the background music was nice (some french jazzy thing – Katie particularly enjoyed it).  Price of two cupcakes $5.00  Too much money for such underwhelming cupcakes.
Time for our second East Village stop.
FIFTH STOP:  Spot Dessert Bar (St. Marks Place, between 2nd and 3rd, East Village)
inside… it looks and feels like a sushi bar.  it’s cool.  for realz

vanilla almond coconut

Reactions: “Cake reminds me of an angel food cake… they obviously use cake flour since the crumbs are very small.  I don’t like it.” / “This cake is delicious… not my favourite kind of frosting (italian meringue), but I like it… it’s not sugary.” / “The almond flavour is subtle, the cake is dense and spongy.  I absolutely love the centre.”

I won’t lie… we sat down and had high expectations for this place.  HIGH.  And so I think we were all a little disappointed with our reaction to the first cupcake.  Good thing we ordered the second one… which, incidentally was not the one we had selected (mocha maldon salt caramel)… however…
vanilla caramel vietnamese  coffee

Reactions:”This frosting is extraordinary.  This cake is incredible.  But it needs to be eaten with a fork.” / “It smells amazing.  This is what a cupcake should be.  And I disagree – I just want to grab it and take a huge bite out of it, no forks required.” / “The centre is such a nice surprise (caramel).  And the cake is moist and dense, the perfect ratio of cake to frosting.  Complimenting the frosting and caramel with a vanilla cake was unexpected but brilliant – otherwise it would be too sweet.”

This cupcake was absolutely incredible.  All three of us were impressed.  Especially since our first attempt at Japanese inspired cupcakes was not a success by any means… ;0)
three very enthusiatic thumbs up!

Spot was a worthwhile stop on our crawl… the bakery itself is calming, the AC was at a perfect temperature, the staff was super friendly.  High marks in that respect.  The cost of two cupcakes was $5.99  Oh yeah… did I mention – this place is TABLE SERVICE.  Yes indeed.  You sit, they assist you, they serve you.  It’s so civilized.  I heart this place.  And yes… I left there with 4 other cupcake flavours to sample on another day.
Do you think we were sick of cupcakes yet?  Abigail did mention that she wasn’t sure if she could participate in the next round… I think the look on both Katie and my face encouraged her to keep trucken… so, being the good spot that she was… off we went towards the Lower East Side.
Our final destination, the SIXTH SPOTSugar Sweet Sunshine (126 Rivington, near Essex, Lower East Side)
shame you couldn’t see how packed this place was…

hard at work mixing more batter and icing cooled cupcakes… oh how i heart this!

spicy pumpkin – with cream cheese frosting

 Reactions: “Done very well.  Consistency, density, texture… they know what they are doing.  Great ratio of cake and frosting.” / “I actually like the CAKE and normally I’m all about the frosting.  But… DELISH frosting.” / “Tastes like pumpkin pie.  Need I say more?  Very good frosting.  Very good indeed.”

FYI – at this point we were pretty much not finishing the entire cupcakes unless they were spectacular (heck, we threw away almost those entire muffins at our first stop) – but I nabbed the last piece sitting on the plate.  This cake was that good.
lemon yummy – lemon cake with lemon buttercream

Reactions: “I like it.  It’s very tart and has good lemon flavour.” / “I like it.  The crunchy pieces and the overflowing frosting makes this a winner.” / “The cake was too dense, it sticks to the top of your mouth and it has no flavour.  I make a better lemon cupcake (yep… my comment.  it’s true)  The frosting is good.  But all the flavour is in the frosting.”

4 thumbs up… obviously this was someones favourite stop

Best value for your buck – $3.00 for two cupcakes.  Solid.  All of us were really happy to have made our way to the Lower East Side to give these cupcakes a try.  Oh yeah… and the place was packed.  Jam packed full of cupcake lovers.  Always the sure sign of a good place.
Final conclusions:
Best cupcake: Eleni’s Raspberry lemon twist.
Best atmosphere: Spot
Abigail’s cupcake of the day: Spot’s vanilla caramel vietnamese coffee
Place to return to: Sugar Sweet Sunshine – Abigail’s taste buds are piqued.
Katie’s favourite experience: Eleni’s was the best overall experience
Never try again: Chickalicious.  YAK.  and Kyotofu.  Neither are worth the energy.
thetwistedchef’s favourite: a tie between the pumpkin spice @ Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Eleni’s raspberry lemon twist.
thetwistedchef’s favourite spot: Spot.  I want to move to NYC and work with them.  It’s amazing.  And so NYC cool.

I will not lie…  This is by far my favourite crawl EVER.  And since we walked everywhere… we deserved to eat that much sugar, butter, chocolate… sigh.  A-MAZ-ING.

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