the crawl continued… in ottawa

I was sure that I would be cupcaked out after participating in the first annual Abba Jabba, KT & Frapalicious cupcake crawl.  I was wrong.

First mistake.  I brought home 4 cupcakes from Spot Dessert Bar.

Second mistake.  I opened the box and saw them.

There they were – tempting me… reminding me that fresh is best. At this point it’s already been 4 days since I purchased them… I even stuck them in Abigail’s freezer on Saturday afternoon (the fridge only sucks all the moisture out of cupcakes and cakes).  And yet… the frosting looked delectable, and my experience at Spot still filled my head:  creamy frosting, moist cupcake and surprise fillings.  Yes… it was time to try another cupcake.

I brought two into the office today – mocha maldon salt caramel and chocolate green tea fruit jam.  As I was informed @ Spot – they only serve two cakes – chocolate or vanilla.  It’s the filling and the frosting that makes each cupcake unique.

Well… let me tell you… even 4 days old, even frozen and thawed, and transported from NYC to Ottawa – the chocolate green tea fruit jam was DELISH.  It was… the perfect cupcake!  And yes, I will admit that the cake itself was a tad dry… still a brilliant cupcake.  Why might you ask?  The fruit jam filling.  LYCHEE.  It was a wonderful tart sweet filling, which didn’t detract from the chocolate cake, or the Italian meringue frosting; flavoured with green tea (light, fluffy, not sweet).  Perfect balance.  Seriously sigh worthy.

chocolate green tea fruit jam cupcake

mocha maldon salt caramel cupcake

The mocha maldon salt caramel didn’t fare as well in both mine and Tonya’s (she sampled with me in the portion of the “crawl”) opinions.  The cake was far too dry… and the filling wasn’t as gooey delicious as the lychee jam.  However – if smelling a cupcake could be bliss – than this cupcake would be champ!  The chocolate that emanated off of that cake… incredible.  And the caramel… on boy!  That is perfect caramel.  You could smell it from the moment I took it out of the box.

Both of us believe that fresh, and enjoyed the same day that it’s baked, this cupcake would knock our socks off.  Or at least make us close our eyes while biting into it, simply enjoying the flavours and textures offered.  Side note:  even 4 days old it was better than the fresh Chickalicious cupcakes Abigail, Katie and I sampled on Saturday.  And that my friends… says a lot.


3 thoughts on “the crawl continued… in ottawa

  1. Julie told me about your blog a while back, and I’ve been reading ever since. Going to NYC with some girlfriends in a few weeks and Spot is now officially on my list of places to hit. I am so totally sold! Thanks, Lynne!

    • thanks Val! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… totally try the green tea one – it was amazing. and i can only imagine it being better fresh, day of. Also – hit up chelsea market if you have a chance – eleni’s was such a fun experience – and right next to them is the “fat witch” bakery which hands out free brownie samples. :0) anything free and chocolate is worth the trip i think!

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