wordless wednesdays: shake shack, NYC

The Shake Shack– this week’s wordless Wednesday entry (or according to @Nat – my lazy Wednesday entry).

A New York staple – The Shake Shack is known for serving the “most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custards…”

I won’t say it’s the most delicious burger (or hot dog) that I’ve ever had… but it is a solid, roadside burger and mediocre hot dog.  Real meat.  Real pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo.  Not dressed up with fancy extras.  What you see is what you get.  It reminds me of my yute (yes…please imagine My Cousin Vinney saying “yute” rather than youth… I am in NY after all).  Two thumbs up for this solid burger.

classic shackburger: american cheese, lettuce, tomato, shack sauce, pickle

abigail & my order: shackburgers, new york hot dog to share & black and white shake to share

katie’s choice: shack-cago dog – mustard, relish, cucumbers, tomato, pickle, pepper and celery salt

crinkle fries… perfectly fried.  all of us enjoyed sharing this

The Shake Shack is also known for its custards (similar to soft serve ice cream) and its shakes.  That my friends, is the real winner of this meal.   Hands down – the hand spun shakes are HOLY HECK AMAZING!!!! Abigail and I shared the black & white shake – creamy, smooth, thick… hard to drink through a straw.  Amazingness.  An absolute must when in NYC.  Don’t let the line outside the place discourage you.  Seriously.

katie & abigail enjoying their shakes: chocolate shake & black and white shake

a view of the line from our seat… up and out the door and around the corner.  for realz.


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