a night on the “town”

Ok… more like a night at Town Gastropub on Elgin Street.

It was… seriously incredible.

What started off as a meal between two friends ended up turning into a meal between 6 friends – Charlotte, her mother, Pascale (of the natural ice cream fame), Kailey, Anna (sous-chef of Farbs), and I gathered at Town on a Thursday night ready to enjoy some delicious food.

First off.  If you want to try a new restaurant this is the way to do it.  Why? Well… because Charlotte decided that we should order one of every single appetizer.  That’s right.   Every single one of the following appetizers was ordered.  Seriously.

authors note:  I don’t have pictures for every single appetizer – not because we didn’t try it – simply, the photos didn’t turn out well enough to publish on the blog.  As always… the photography is a work in progress… but don’t let this discourage you from visiting Town.  It’s so worth it.

tuna crudo / coppa / lemon / truffle oil / mint

mozzarella “en carrozza” / 10 year old balsamic / heirloom tomatoes / pine nuts / basil

olives / pickled fennel / citrus

perorino potatoes / rosemary / chili oil / lemon

chicken liver crustini / rhubarb / bacon

cod fritters / smoked pork ragu / lemon mayo

lamb ragu / parppardelle / oyster mushrooms / pecorino romano

ricotta gnudi / coarse pesto

ricotta stuffed meatballs / soft polenta / san marzano

corn in a bag / smoked tomato butter / cheese brodo

Brilliant idea!  We were able to sample everything and see which plate we enjoyed the best – and since 6 women are most definitely not completely alike – all of us had our favourites…  my personal favourite was… the ricotta stuffed meatballs! Who would have thought?!  Certainly not me.  Prior to ordering and tasting I had been particularly drawn to the lamb ragu; the parppardelle was light and silky… it was PERFECT.  The lamb (in my humble opinion) was a little salty.  But still delish.  I certainly would not have left anything on the plate if that had been my appetizer or main.

There was a little mishap… my piece of corn ended up flying off a plate, out the window (our table was right at the entrance) and landed on the sidewalk.  Seriously.  See…

corn on elgin street

No lies… that is my piece of corn.  Sigh.   To rectify the situation I ordered another bag of corn as my main… well worth the wait.  Salty, smokey, buttery goodness.

this is what it looked like when we’d finished the appetizers (GASP)

But don’t think we stopped at appetizers.  Oh heck no!  Charlotte wouldn’t hear of it.  So a couple of mains were ordered as well – again, shared among us.

dirty lasanga bolongnese / poached egg / swiss chard / garlic bread

Best way to eat this… after you’ve pierced the yolk and allowed it to run freely into the lasagna noodles and beef ragu… layer it on top of the garlic bread.  Seriously.  OMG.  That is how they should serve it – your piece of lasagna on top of the garlic bread… you would swoon.  SWOON.  It’s that’s good.

crispy trout / baby potatoes / fennel

Delish!!!! The crisp was just right – the fish wasn’t over cooked or dry.  It melted in your mouth.  The potatoes added that nice starch to the meal, and I heart fennel anyway, so I give this dish a bonus thumbs up for that too.

Do you think we were full yet?  Well… there is still dessert.

Arborio rice pudding / pistachio brittle / sun-dried cherries

That was my pick.  Doesn’t it look lovely?  Thick, creamy, seeped in vanilla… yum.  And then Kailey ordered the chocolate budino.  Yeah… thick, rich dark chocolate, topped with heavy cream.  See how it stands on the spoon?  It doesn’t run off?  That’s because it was so thick and creamy and perfect.  It was perfection on a spoon and in a jar.  BLISS.

chocolate budino on a spoon… yum.

Once all was said and done, ordered and consumed, I can admit that our gang enjoyed all but two things off the menu:  we didn’t try the half chicken under a brick or the buttermilk panna cotta for dessert.  After all… you have to leave something new to try the next time you go in… right? :0)

Town isn’t only about food.  It’s about the entire dining experience.  It’s a fun, hip place to be – you can chillax over a glass of wine or a pint of beer… you can linger over your dessert… and just take in the vibe: it’s the place where the cool kids hang out.  At least… I think so.  I know I want to hang out there more often.


One thought on “a night on the “town”

  1. Great post! G

    ather a large group of people and order all the appetizers…Will have to try that sometime 🙂

    I love the photo of the corn on Elgin. Only a food blogger would take that shot!

    Sounds like had a lovely evening. Food/sounds looks amazing.

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