she eats bears

Marysol is the über creative mind behind the she eats bears blog.  I really, really, really enjoy following her blog.  It makes me smile.  It makes my mouth water.  And I think Marysol is inspiring… Marysol can we be friends? :0)

Last week Marysol highlighted my blog and some others in a fun little award thingy… my reaction:  absolutely gobbsmacked!  How thoughtful and nice was that?! Amazingly exciting.  Yes – – I was stoked.  Seriously.  And then I wanted to play.

So the rules:

–  Thank the person who gave it to you:  Marysol MERCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

–  Say 7 things about yourself

–  obviously… the most important step – – nominate other blogs recently discovered or well loved.

About me.  Since you all already know how obsessive I can become about using lemons, chocolate, butter…I guess I can leave that little tidbit out.

1.   My road bike is my absolute favourite thing in the entire world.  Yes… I heart it more than my KitchenAid stand-mixer.  For realz.

2.  I love shoes.  I am a shoe whore.  I’m ok with that… and yes… even at almost 6 feet tall I will wear hells – 3 inch (+) and again… I’m ok with that.

3.  I can’t walk into a bookstore and not buy something.  I’m perfectly happy to sit in the fiction, non-fiction, travel-adventure or cooking sections all afternoon and browse.  And then buy.

4.  Paul Simon’s Graceland is my favourite album of all time.  I want diamonds on the soles of my shoes.

5.  I’d like to be in Mango Bay right now.  Click on the link and see how beautiful it is.

6.  My mother and I walked the Great Wall in China… and both of us forgot our cameras.  Lesson learned – never leave home without a camera.  FYI… Thanks mom for bringing me along on that trip.

7.  I get really really excited when people leave comments on my blog (like, ridiculously excited).  So thank you all for taking the time to visit… I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Now… the fun part.  My favourite blogs.  Some are my old classics – others new finds.  Obviously – – they involve food :0)

Joy the Baker. I think we would be friends if we lived in the same city.  Everything I make of hers turns out.  And she sounds like a super cool, super hip, and über fun chick… also her blog is a staple on almost all baking blogger’s sites.

Evil Shenanigans.  Recently discovered.  I heart this blog.  Just click and check out her chocolate cheesecake brownies – to die for.  Can’t wait to get in the kitchen and try those.

Smitten Kitchen – need I say more?  I am smitten with this blog – – the pictures are beautiful… and the food tastes good.  I know.  I’ve been using her recipes for a while now.  Just look up her chocolate peanut butter cake.  Sigh worthy.  Come be smitten with me…

FoodiePrints – I like to think that we have become friends.  All thanks to our blogs and mutual love of food.  Jenn and Don make me smile and drool as I scroll through their blog and ask for their recommendations.  Solid food blog.  Solid people.

Confessions of a bakeaholic – blogger from Vancouver (well just outside the city) – very newly discovered… and I love it!  Great pictures, awesome recipes… and… you can even order cupcakes.  yay!

the one non-food blog:

les adventures de rob et nadine – a couple who just moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh and are teaching English there.  I know them personally… so I can tell you – – they are ADORABLE.  I’m thrilled to be able to call them my friends and to follow their adventures.  When you read their blog – just imagine Nads giggling … that’s what I do and it makes me smile.

And lastly… I would like the following people to have blogs.  Because, quite frankly, I think that they would rock.

Katie Edwards. Yes KT – I’m calling you out on this one.  Start a blog.  You are witty, sarcastic and literate.  Do it.  Seriously.

Gongshow Tanya. Yes.  I just called someone gongshow.  Take your current (static) blog with you to Kazakhstan.  It’ll be hilarious.

Pierre & Lu. You two have the craziest, funnest adventures ever.  I wanna follow you around as you globe trot.  Please let me tag along… blog about it.  Pierre – I know that you are funny.  So write.  And Lu – edit him.  We all know it’ll be sympatico.

5 thoughts on “she eats bears

  1. Lynne, I don’t know if we can be friends… You see, I am not even 5 feet tall. I know you already have a few tiny girls in your collection, like, say, the Chloe doll – could you include more?

    One day we shall meet!

  2. Hi Lynne! I think it is so cute that you are excited by comments on your blog! I have a couple. Firstly, I am so happy that you liked Town. It is not only around the corner from where I teach, but it is owned by some
    OCDSB teachers. Secondly, we are thinking of going to NYC in the fall. Could you recommened some (non-bakery) restaurants we should try?

  3. Joy the Baker, sounds a bit like you the way she talk, or maybe all young adults talks like that.. I check some recipes and it looks different for sure, but don’t know if I would try it.
    evil shenanigans, yep I would try those brownies, I like the set up of her blog too.
    smitten kitchen: I like her blog because she likes to tell a story about every recipe but the design is a bit too much on the right side for my notebook. I would try her blueberries muffins, she worked on it for a while to find the right ingredients but the typing is small and hard to read. I wrote down her recipe for the peanut butter cake cause it looks amazing and gord and I both love Reese choc.
    Foodie Prints: good newsletter for living in Ottawa
    Confessions of: nice blog with pictures of people too. the muffins have too much butter, I am down to 3 tb of oil!
    all those blogs are very nice and thank you for introducing them to me.

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