cupcake crawl continued… @ kara’s cupcakes

I have become obsessed.

Last weekend I underwent my NYC cupcake crawl with Abigail and KatieRemember how much fun that sounded? Yeah… me too ;0)

Then, when I got back to Ottawa, I continued the “crawl” with Tonya – taste testing two more cupcakes from Spot dessert bar.

And now… a few days later, I find myself in San Francisco, California at Kara’s Cupcakes eyeing the passion fruit cupcake.  That’s right… I’m back on the road, back on the West Coast and still walking into cupcake shops eager to sample the goods.

I walked into Kara’s and was immediately excited: first, there is a wide variety of cupcakes (including a gluten-free option), second, they are adorable – uber creamy buttercream frosting, topped with little fondant stars or flowers or circles.  Simple, pretty, fun… screaming for me try one.

Obviously as soon as I saw the passion fruit one – especially since it was one of the “filled” options, I knew, just knew that I had to try it.

kara’s cupcake:  passion fruit

OMG.  It was… sigh, moan worthy delicious.  Well…. To be honest – the cake and filling were.  The frosting… not for me.

birds eye view… cute fondant circle eh?

the curd… moan.  for reals.

The cake – moist and fluffy, it was a light yellow cupcake – – perfectly baked.  It melted in my mouth.  And to top it off… they filled it with a tart, bright passion fruit curd – thick, creamy, a pop of flavour.  DELISH.

both of us agree… cupcake gets thumbs up (frosting does not)

I’ll admit it… I tasted the frosting and then wiped it off the top of the cupcake.  In my opinion (as always, very humble and very personal), it was too creamy, it almost tasted as if it was half lard / half butter… a little too creamy for my liking.  Beautiful to look at – not so yummy in my tummy.

However… I would still go back and sample another one.  I hear their vanilla vanilla will change my life – – and the kara’s karrot looked delish… and has a cream cheese frosting to boot!

This seems to be the cupcake crawl that never ends…

3 thoughts on “cupcake crawl continued… @ kara’s cupcakes

  1. The Passion Fruit cupcake was delicious-INCLUDING THE FROSTING! Trust me Lynne the Vanilla cupcake will make you a believer.

    Can’t wait till our next culinary adventure!

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