un petit gâteau…

Another cupcake entry.  I know… I knowanother one. How many does it make… 5 in a week?  But I can’t help it.  I have to blog about this one.  This one is extra-special.  It’s actually extraordinary. In fact… this cupcake is…

The. Very. Best. Cupcake. I. Have. Ever. Tasted. For. Realz.

I have to thank Marianne for it.

You see, as we wandered through the Ferry Building in San Francisco, Marianne spotted Miette – the cutest little bakery.

It’s bright.  It’s retro.  It’s hip.  I fell in love.  I’m not just hearting this shop – I love it.

I wandered from display to display, mesmerized by everything I saw – lime meringue tartlette, buttermilk panna cotta with fresh strawberries, macarons, raspberry and rose geranium tartlette, lemon cloud cake… you see everything was a delight to the eyes.  Especially the cupcakes.

Particularly the old fashioned chocolate with Italian meringue cupcake.  The cloud of meringue sitting atop the chocolate cupcake was… impressive.

Yes… this particular cupcake was so spectacular that both Marianne and I decided it worth sampling.

It was purchased

It was halved

It was consumed

Once we’d finished enjoying our halves… we both agreed – – this cupcake was perfection.  It was exactly what a cupcake should be:  the cake was dense, moist, pure chocolate.  The meringue was thick and smooth, and it didn’t increase the sweetness factor.  It was a bubble of goodness.  A million sighs of pleasure.

and two VERY enthusiastic thumbs up… way up (and yes… that was the view we enjoyed while tasting)

4 thoughts on “un petit gâteau…

  1. for those who dont know, miette means crumbs and I agree the display is very attractive, like watching Ballet like the Nut Cracker.

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