wordless wednesdays: the market

authors note:  I’m getting better at this wordless wednesday thing… case in point below.

Not just any market.  The market in (and around) the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Let me count the reasons why I love this market:

1.  The building itself.  Amazing eh?  Check out the view from the back as well.

the ferry building

view from the back… hello oakland ;0)

2.  The fruit vendors actually cut up the produce and allow you to sample.  Brilliant eh?

sampling buckets… they were EVERYWHERE.  i sampled EVERYTIME

3.  Look at the size of these peaches / nectarines/ pluots (plum-apricot blend)?  I bought the giant peach from James and the giant peach… ok, not the peach – – but it was massive.  And delicious.

4.  The wide variety of vegetables… where else do you see purple string beans???

5.  Boccalone – the salty pig parts people have their shop inside the Ferry Building.  YUM.

6.  Cherry and peach tartlettes.  Amazingly beautiful and simple.

7.  and lastly, this is for you mom… beautiful flowers.  Especially the sunflowers :0)


2 thoughts on “wordless wednesdays: the market

  1. I love San Francisco! My mom lives close by 🙂 I hope you have a fun trip. I have a baking question to ask you when you get back. Maybe you could respond to my email account 🙂

  2. Oh yum! That market sure wasn’t there when we visited ~ did you hop on the ferry and visit Alcatraz??? And we have purple beans in Oville {along with purple potatoes and carrots}, hrm, guess you should plan a visit and sample our culinary delights! 😀

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