salty pig parts

Everyone… please meet Marianne.

Marianne and I are friends for many reasons.  But the most important reasons are as follows:

1.  She is witty and intelligent – which makes for interesting conversation.

2.  She’s got super style.  Seriously.

3.  She’s pretty decent at guitar hero.  Especially black magic woman (ok… maybe that was me).

4.  She makes her own pizza dough.

And probably the best reason of all…

5.  She loves to travel (oh yeah… and she’s as tall as me)

With that in mind, Marianne and I randomly decided to travel to San Francisco together.  What started off as a conversation about travelling in Italy (or Spain, or Germany, or Croatia, or Denmark, or England) ended up as a culinary adventure in San Francisco, to be followed by several flights of wine in Napa and Sonoma.

Amazing eh?  But even more incredible is her shared enthusiasm in the salumi cone.

What is the salumi cone you might ask?  Only the greatest , most brilliant thing ever invented!

It’s a cone that’s filled with cooked or cured salumi… a salty version of an ice cream cone… only in a paper cup (no waffle or sugar cone option here).  ;0)

Nestled right in the middle of the Ferry Building, Chris Cosentino’s (head Chef at Incanto) Boccalone is the place to be at lunch time.  The line extends out into the common area – people eagerly ordering either a sandwich or the assorted salumi cone.  I know… we’ve stopped by everyday since we’ve arrived in the city (it helps that our hotel is directly opposite the Ferry Building).

On offer: a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, sliced meats, sausages, bottled pork ragu (remember from my Incanto meal?), olives, and well… the cone.

Since Marianne and I have both discovered a love of pork (both of us never knew we loved the other white meat this much) –we’ve enjoyed a mid-afternoon snack  of sandwich… accompanied by a side cone.   Yes… I know! We couldn’t seem to get enough pork in our sandwiches – therefore adding a side of pork!  When in Rome right?  :0)

First up… mess peggy sandwich with a side cone.

mess piggy (pulled pork with mezzetta pepper schumtz)

Mixed salumi cone

It was filled with:

Mortadella (peppered with pistachio -delish)

Prosciutto cudo

Prosciutto cotto (ham brined with cloves, allspice, sugar and pepper and then slow cooked)

The prosciutto cotto was the money.  Both of us couldn’t get over how addictively delicious it was… and so we returned to create our custom sandwich.

Prosciutto cotto with house-made grainy mustard and provolone

Followed by our custom made salumi cone:

Orange and wild fennel salame (Marianne’s favourite)

Brown sugar and fennel salame

Unknown…. (we allowed the butcher to determine the last meat… raw deliciousness)

Salty pigs parts.  AMAZING.


4 thoughts on “salty pig parts

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic (and the salty pig parts of course). Can you bring some home in your bag? I will see you on Monday, it should survive until then 🙂

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