got donuts?

Have you noticed how emphatic I am on this blog?

The best cupcake ever.  The best salumi cone ever.  The best… the best… the best…

Well… I believe that I have sampled the best donut ever made.  Seriously… I was gobsmacked that a donut could taste this good.

I’ve been wanting to get to dynamo donut & coffee since I first heard about them on the food networks show: The best thing I ever ate episode bacon.

My mouth started to water as soon as I heard them say – maple glazed bacon apple donut.  Yeah… for real.

Maple + Bacon + Apple = the best donut EVER created.

maple glazed bacon apple donut (studded with bacon and apples sauted in bacon fat, maple glaze and crispy bacon)

real diced bacon… DELISH

see the real pieces of apple?  this donut is the REAL DEAL

See… beautiful eh?… and yes – the flavour lives up to the hype.  One of the best things I have ever tasted… seriously.

While we were there  we decided to sample a couple other flavours… ok, 5 other flavours.  4 out of the 6 donuts were wolfed down – delicious texture (light, fluffy or dense and moist), perfect flavour combo, not greasy… well worth the calories.

caramel de sel (donut flavoured with orange zest and nutmeg, caramel glazed and sprinkled with fleur de sel)

lemon thyme (donut made with lemon zest and fresh thyme, lemon honey glaze)

close up of the lemon thyme… i loved this donut lots too

orange ginger (donut made with orange zest and ginger, orange glaze)

Before you go thinking that I love everything that I eat… well I was a little disappointed by 2 of the donuts we sampled.

vanilla bean (vanilla and orange zest donut, vanilla bean glaze)

The vanilla bean lacked flavour – – we didn’t taste the orange in the donut and the glaze was bland.  Super disappointed because we were both so hopeful.

spiced chocolate (chocolate donut with cinnamon, sugar and chipotle dredge)

This one was too dense and the chipotle seemed to over power the cinnamon and sugar combo.  Perhaps it’s because we weren’t expecting the smokey addition to the dredge … either way it didn’t compare to the other 4 donuts…

These two donuts didn’t hit the spot.

That being said – – the donuts we loved certainly made-up for the ones we didn’t.  AND I would eat a maple glazed bacon apple donut any day.  Salty sweet goodness.  YUM.

I feel baking inspiration coming on… time to get back home and back to my kitchen :0)

4 thoughts on “got donuts?

  1. You should have a warning at the top of this post:) I’m sitting here with my coffee, just my coffee and both of us are feeling that something is missing!

  2. like wine tasting your suppose to start with the lightest flavor and build from there, maybe that’s why you couldn’t taste the vanilla… I like your gooey finger on top of the caramel., I assume these are all yeast donuts? sure would like to try some!

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