the best thing since sliced bread

I don’t know when I decided that my San Francisco – Napa – Sonoma vacation should become a culinary tour of sorts… but it has become that – thank you Marianne for being such a good sport.

I’ve been blogging about the salumi and salty pig parts.  And about the cupcakes.  And those donuts (those amazing donuts).  But I haven’t really told you about the sandwich crawl.

For everyday of my vacation I’ve enjoyed a sandwich.  The crawl was off to a good start with Boccalone’s mess piggy (pulled pork – a little smokier than we had thought it would be).

But it really got started on day 2 in San Francisco.  We hit up ‘Wichcraft.

OMG who would have thought a roasted turkey sandwich could be so outstanding?

A warm sandwich of turkey, avocado, bacon (makes everything better), onion relish (um… caramelized onions.  DELISH), aioli, all layered between a toasted ciabatta roll.  It was such a satisfyingly delicious sandwich.  Seriously excellent.

All other sandwiches were then compared to this ‘wichcraft one… even our second Boccalone sandwich – – the custom made one filled with all that lovely prosciutto cotto (which although delicious, was lacking layers of flavour… we should have added tomato and lettuce) that is… until we got to NapaStyle – an adorable little kitchen boutique with a restaurant at the back (similar to La Bottega in Ottawa).

How can you not love a place that has a sign that says “Welcome to our Salumeria…Italian for great pork hangs here“?  I mean… amazing!!!  Not only could our sandwich crawl continue… but so could our salumi obsession.  EXCELLENT! Or as Marianne would say “smiles all around!”

We decided to order the Giana (mortadella, dolce salami, speck, prosciutto, fontina cheese, sliced tomato, basil aioli, arugula, sundried tomato) with a side of risi bisi (rice, lemon, peas, asperagus, arugula).

THE BEST SANDWICH AND SIDE OF ALL TIME!!!! (are you really surprised at how emphatic I am about this?)

The sandwich was so…. delicious.  Seriously – doesn’t you mouth water just looking at it?  Imagine biting into it… the basil aioli and sundried tomatoes balanced the saltiness of all those salumi pieces.  The bread was so fresh – the perfect conduent for the sandwich.

And the side salad… fresh, light, full of flavour.  And such a surprise.  I was honestly expecting more greens and less rice – but I’m happy I was wrong in my assumption.  The rice was perfectly cooked and with the peas and asperagus tasted like a cool risotto (which we all know I adore).

Best lunch yet.  I heart Napa.  Not only did I get to stand in The French Laundry’s garden (I was sticking my camera lens in their peppers…)… but I also got to enjoy the best sandwich.  Simple, fresh flavours.

So good.


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