the best pizza in napa… for realz.

Pizza.  Everyone loves pizza – especially when it’s done right…  In my personal opinion (and Marianne’s), doing pizza right means two things:  thin crust and wood burning pizza ovens – – put those two things together and (fingers crossed) the result is mouth-watering delicious.  Case and point: our final lunch at Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa.

I have to admit something… the pictures below are from our second meal at Don Giovanni’s…. yep, that’s right – within a 72 hour time frame, Marianne and I hit up this little restaurant in Napa TWICE.  It was that good!  Every time we drove by our mouths would start salivating… thoughts of thin crust pizza filling our heads.  We couldn’t resist going a second time… it was that good… Marianne is convinced that it is the “best pizza… outside of Italy.”  That’s saying something.

A good pizza doesn’t need to be complicated – we both ordered the Margherita (tomato, basil, mozzarella di latte) – the crust was thin, the ingredients were fresh… perfection.

a view from our seats… the pizza dough in action

the margherita… a million sighs of happiness

the base of the crust was über thin

Nothing was left at the end of the meal… on either of our plates.  In my opinion… the true sign of a good meal.

No regrets about going back for more… a pizza this good deserves to be eaten as often as possible ;0)


2 thoughts on “the best pizza in napa… for realz.

  1. I am having serious thoughts about this (well, THESE in my case) pizza(s). SO delicious, it didn’t even matter than Juan didn’t make this one 🙂

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