i’m back…. at the whalesbone!

I haven’t been at The Whalesbone in over a month… so although I was excited to be back – – I won’t lie… I was a tad nervous (silly perhaps… but my nerves were a fluttering).  After a month of gallivanting in NYC and San Francisco, it was time to get back into the swing of things – prepping and plating sundaes.   

Charlotte’s prep list for me was pretty simple and to the point…  and it included a game of tetris…  tetris with the contents in the walk-in… I had to move around an 84 lb tuna… thanks to Kshonze and Krause for helping me out with that one.

The first, and most important of the tasks – making avocado mousseAMAZING.  Firstly… I’ve never ever whipped cream by hand before.  I KNOW!!!!  I call myself a baker and I’ve never pulled out my hand whisk and started whipping.  I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to beat the whisk fast enough to create volume and thicken up the cream.  But I now know… I can do it!! 

A pretty simple recipe, the avocado mousse is basically a combination of freshly squeezed lime juice, some heavy cream, puréed avocado and a sprinkling of salt.  That’s it.  Simple eh?  EXCEPT (and yes… my “simple assignments” always turn out a little more complicated than originally anticipated) that by adding the juice of 6 limes to 1/4 c. of whipped cream… well it kinda takes all the volume out of the cream.  I had to add more cream (in the end it was probably 1 c. of heavy cream to the juice of 6 limes)… and started to whisk.  And whisk.  And whisk.  Once I’d succeeded, it was time to pass 3 ripe avocados through a sieve – pushing the ripe fruit through with a little plastic scraper thingy (aren’t I being super technical today?).  Once puréed, I then whisked all the avocado into the whipped cream – creating a beautiful green mousse.  Season with salt and … there you have it.  Simple and delicious. 

Served alongside the wild fish tacos… pretty delicious eh?  And I made it… from scratchno gadgets required!  SWEET!


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