wordless wednesdays: sundaes

This is it.  The last month that The Whalesbonewill be offering up the sundae bar.  That’s right folks… you know that summer is officially at an end when the sundae bar closes down… boo :0(

I would like to dedicate this wordless wednesday entry to said sundae bar. 

If you come in and order the Chef’s tasting menu… well I get to create a tasting sundae for you as well.  This is what I made last Friday night…

 pascale’s all natural vanilla ice cream / marshmallow fluff / fresh raspberries and edible flower / graham cracker crumbs

 pineapple slices / slices of fresh strawberries / raspberries

Obviously I also get to create sundaes for people who fill out their order sheet… telling me exactly what they’d like to have on their ice cream.

And then sometimes I get other requests.  Like when Platonic Jeff shows up… and orders a sundae.

“whatever Lynne feels like making! :)”


Left to my imagination I decided that Jeff needed something slightly tart, not overly sweet… and with a ball or two of dough :0)

Platonic Jeff’s sundae was born.

Pascale’s all natural vanilla ice cream / passionfruit curd / cream cheese cheesecake filling / fresh raspberries / mini donuts

authors note:  apologies for only showing you 3/4 of the finished product.  The last picture I took of the finished sundae was unclear and dark and really unsuitable for blogging purposes. 

Just imagine how pretty it looked when it all came together :0) 

Or better yet – – come into The Whalesbone on Friday night and I can recreate it for you.  And then YOU can enjoy eating it too!!!!


6 thoughts on “wordless wednesdays: sundaes

  1. WHAT??? But I eat ice cream year round!! Boooo:( OK, I am coming in one more time before the season is up and will let you have full reign on making my sundae! As long as it includes some chocolate or PB or both! Hahaha.

  2. Paula, you have no idea. That thing was deeeelicous.

    I’ll be at the Whalesbone this Friday around 10:30 if anyone wants to join me in challenging Lynne’s creativity. 🙂

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