deep-fried bacon

Friday night was GREAT.  Seriously fun… and for several reasons.

1.  Staff meal was hot chicken sandwiches.  I absolutely heart hot chicken sandwiches… white bread, chicken in gravy… it gets warm and mushy.   Sigh.  The perfect pre-service treat.

2.  Charlotte had someone come in and work with me in the prep kitchen ( Andrew).

3.  Charlotte gave us a pretty large prep list.  And we completed it.  Well… almost all of it.  Almost

4.  I got to enjoy some sparkling wine and Cheezy Luigis Margherita pizza.  AMAZING.

5.  Platonic Jeff stopped by.  He let me make him another sundae.  It was a work of art.  Yes… a WORK OF ART.

Let’s get back to that prep list and my new partner in crime.

Everyone… please meet Andrew.

classy eh?  he’s a serious fella

Andrew just moved to Ottawa from Iqaluit (I decided to call him Arctic Andrew) – therefore he was able to regale me with stories from the North… and just about anything else.  When you spend 7 hours in a prep kitchen with someone… you kinda get to know one another… Seriously….

 – traveling – check.  He spent 6 months traveling in Morocco, Spain and South America last year… pretty sweet eh?

– hunting, fishing, using local, fresh products – check.  We talked arctic char, we talked caribou… yes… we even discussed polar bears.

– baking – check.   His mother is a master baker.  He gave me one secret.  I’m going to see if it works out for me.

– music – check.  He loves the Rolling Stones.  And the Beatles.  Apparently you can like both bands and not be struck down by lightning. :0)

– the industry – check.  While up North Andrew worked in a little Inn – the goal is go back to Iqaluit and start-up his own place.  Hence why he was hanging out at The Whalesbone.

So while we chatted, we made our way through Charlotte’s prep list.  Actually… I will give Andrew props – he stepped up to the plate and totally rocked that list (I’m pretty pleased with my completed tasks… however I will admit he checked more off that list than I did).

See… check it out.

1.  Purée the hot peppers (HUGE bucket of roasted hot peppers.  The heat just emanated off of them and my eyes watered just being in the same room).  Turn it into batch 1 of 3 for Charlotte’s hot sauce.  This resulted in 18 quarts of puréed hot peppers.  SERIOUSLY.  Completed task – Andrew

2.  Strain veal stock and save the bones.  Completed task – Andrew

veal stock

not only did andrew strain the veal stock… he explained the entire stock process to me too.

3.  Purée charred applesauce and pass through a small sieve.  Completed task – Andrew (fyi – this task smelt amazing… apples, cinnamon and vanilla… YUM).

4.  Prepare cheese cake filling.  Completed task – Lynne (imagine – a log full of cream cheese, simple syrup and some sailor jerry’s vanilla extract.  Amazing).

5.  Make a batch of cookie dough.  Complete task – Lynne

 I used Charlotte’s grandmother’s handmixer… considering it was her 100th birthday that night – SWEET!

I decided to change Jenna’s cookie dough recipe just a little – I used brown butter.  OMG.  Brown butter.  Cinnamon.  Chocolate chips.  Heaven. 

6.  Make peppermint patties – roll the dough, freeze them, dip in chocolate and freeze again.  Almost completed task – Lynne (I got the peppermint patty dough finished, rolled and frozen, but we didn’t have a chance to dip them in chocolate).

the dough… prior to rolling it out

little balls of minty goodness ;0)

7.  Divide the chowder broth in 1 L containers – Almost completed task – Lynne (Not my fault / or time management fault – we simply ran out of L containers.  You should see the walk-in!)

8.   Make 1 L of lemon juice – Completed task – Lynne (how many lemons do you think it takes to make 1 L of juice.  Several.  Thank goodness for a citrus press).

9.  Small dice 2 L of russet potatoes Completed task – Andrew

I gotta say… thank goodness Andrew did these, otherwise I’d probably still be finely dicing them today!  I fully admit I’m the “slow and steady” type… Andrew has the necessary knife skills… heck – he brought his own set in!  Awesome!

10.  Finish vodka watermelon – Completed task – Andrew

Meanwhile we also ran up and down the stairs, grabbing those sundae orders… and helping Mackenzie create her own special sundae order (she and her parents were in celebrating her and her mother’s birthday). 

What better way to celebrate her 11th birthday than to make a sundae… but not just any sundae.  Mackenzie decided to top pascale’s all natural vanilla ice cream with the following:

chocolate ganache / marshmallow fluff / peanut butter cups / cheesecake bites (with strawberry coulis) / mini doughnuts

See the smile on her face?  Yeah… I’d be pretty darn happy with that sundae too! 

Happy birthday Mackenzie!!!!

And then Platonic Jeff arrived.  It was time to create my work of art.

pascale’s chocolate nugget ice cream / butterscotch sauce / fresh apple slices / cracker jack / deep-fried bacon

That’s right.  Deep fried bacon.  It was a party in his mouth.  Salty sweet.  And it looked pretty too!

Overall – – Friday was a fun night.  Great company in the prep kitchen (thank you Arctic Andrew), a little birthday celebration thrown in for good measure, a visit from friends… and I got to use brown butter!  Happiness.


5 thoughts on “deep-fried bacon

  1. Lynne- i love your posts! they make me hungry every time! I am headed to whalesbone next week and cannot’s been too long.

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