open letter to murray street kwc

Dear Steve Mitton.

Thank you thank you thank you.  You’re new brunch menu is … absolutely, gobsmackingly, wonderful.  It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.  I only wish you had been there on Sunday so that I could thank you and sing your praises in person.

Instead I had Platonic Jeff to share it with.  And share we did.

First off.  What to choose?  Should I order the steak & eggs (Platonic Jeff vetoed it… being far too hung over even for that), or the smoked fish?  Trout scrambled in eggs, veggies, herbs… that certainly sounded delish! 

I kept looking around at other people’s plates (yes… I even called out to the table across from us and asked them what they were having) and finally I decided (I picked for both myself and Jeff.  That was never even a question): the Paddy Cake (cheddar stuffed pork sausage crepinette, fried eggs, potato hash and toast) and The Board (hard cooked egg, crêtons, deep fried head cheese, pork liverwurst, PEI Avonlea cheddar, homemade pickeld stuff).

Both plates were… spectacular.

The Board

1.  The pork liverwurst was one of the best things I have ever eaten.  EVER.  Slathered on a piece of toast – it packed the perfect kind of punch.  Salty goodness. Nicely paired with both the Avonlea cheddar (delish by the way) and the homemade pickled stuff.  Seriously a smart addition to the plate.

“The Board” – deep fried head cheese and pork liverwurst

2.  The cheddar stuffed pork sausage crepinette – the second best thing about the meal.  I mean… the spices used… I couldn’t refrain myself – I did my little shoulder dance as I bit into the sausage.  And then when I discovered the melted cheddar smack dab in the centre of that thing!  Oh my my!!!!  Everything just came together.  And then I cut off another piece of the crepinette, dipped it in the runny yolk of the fried egg (perfectly cooked fried egg might I add), piled that atop a piece of toast and bit into it.  Heaven.  Seriously Steve… amazing.

sitting atop some toast and fried egg

a bite of amazingness ;0)

3.  Deep fried head cheese.  You (the readers who aren’t Steve Mitton) might think that you don’t like head cheese.  That’s just because you haven’t sampled this head cheese.  You might be put off since usually head cheese is a meat jelly… hence the brilliance of deep frying it.  Crunchy outside, and then melt-in-your-mouth meat in the centre.  I think I would have liked a little mustard to smear atop this… a little vinegar to counter-balance the deep friedness… but really – I think I’m just becoming picky. 

deep fried head cheese

4.  Steve – your kitchen did you proud on Sunday.  Each egg was perfectly fried.  The hard-cooked egg had a yoke that was slightly tender… you know, not too firm and not that pale yellow colour?  It was still bright and creamy.  A nice component to The Board.  The crêtons, were, as usual, delicious.  Adding some mixed greens to the centre of the plate, along with the pickled goodies perfectly cuts the heaviness of the meats.

perfectly cooked fried egg

hard-cooked egg and crêtons

5.  Our server, Teresa was awesome!  Super friendly and very forthcoming about the menu options.  I even witnessed Platonic Jeff exchange names… no numbers but hey… maybe next time? ;0)

carrot loaf, lemon scone, raspberry chocolate chip scone – gifts from the kitchen

6.  Your carrot loaf (little gifts from the kitchen).  Holy heck!  I think Jeff and I fought over who was going to finish it.  That loaf was way above par.  I only wish I got it at the end of my meal… but that would be because I like to have something sweet after eating savoury food. 

I can not wait to return.  There are 5 more options I need to try… I have to say – – the cassoulet made me consider ordering 3 dishes for the two of us.  Thank goodness I live around the corner and there are many weekends to come.  

Great – actually, incredible value for your money.  This is a ridiculously delicious brunch.  I love brunch – and Murray Street KWC makes me love it even more.

Thanks Steve.

and yes… there were sighs of happiness pretty much throughout the entire meal.  I am my own little symphony.  Of sorts.  :0)


3 thoughts on “open letter to murray street kwc

  1. I am beginning to wonder about Platonic Jeff … gotta tell ya … Both your mother and I want to meet him … YES Lynne, your mother IS here … You are soooo funny, engaging and just simply wonderful. The twisted chef, a must read.

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