wordless wednesday: Capital CupcakeCamp 2.0

authors note:  This entry is totally and completely not wordless.  Sorry folks… I’m just WAY TOO EXCITED about this… so here goes.

It’s that time of year again.  That’s right!  Last year’s inaugural Capital CupcakeCamp was such a successful fundraising event (over $2000 raised for Ottawa-based non-profit organization Women Alive / Femme Active Program).

Well… it’s back.

THIS SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 – join me for the 2nd annual Capital Cupcake Camp.

The organizers have amped up the event – a larger venue, more cupcakes… and more people.  That’s right… I’m talking to YOU.  You should come.  If you’re on the fence… well check out last years pictures. Awesome eh?

This year the proceeds will be shared between Women Alive / Femme Active Program and the Youth Services Bureau.

I guess you need to know how this works right?


Event-wise, bakers bring 24 cupcakes of any one flavour to Ottawa City Hall (110 Laurier Avenue West) at 11:30 am.  There, they will be put on display for tasters who will arrive at 1 pm (that’s right… YOU show up at 1 pm).  Tasters will roam around the City Atrium and trade in tickets for cupcakes.  Bakers will have the opportunity to address the crowd.  Competitive bakers can enter cupcakes in a contest that will be judged by celebrity Ottawa judges (that would include me!!!).

For the contest, there is a PRO Category.  If you make money from your food creations (cupcakes or otherwise), organizers ask you register as a PRO.  PRO winners have the right to use the “2010 Winner” logo.  How cool is that?

If you think you’re too late to enter… You’re NOT!!!

Registration is open – for bakers (amateur and professional bakers) and for tasters.  You can purchase your tickets via eventbrite.  You should do that… right now.


  • Most Amazingly Decorated
  • Best Filling in a Cupcake
  • Best Vegan
  • Tastiest Twist on a Traditional
  • Best Savoury Cupcake


  • Best Overall
  • Best Decorated
  • Most Original


The event will be hosted by China Doll of Shanghai Restaurant (651 Somerset Street W.)

Amateur baker tickets are $5/ each and come with 4 complementary tasting tickets.  PRO baker tickets are $20 / each and also come with 4 complementary tasting tickets.

Tasting tickets are $10 (as a girl who has been cupcake crawling… 10$ for 4 cupcakes is a pretty sweet deal!)

Tasters will exchange their eventbrite ticket for 4 cupcake tickets, which entitles them to a minimum of 4 cupcakes.  Guess what… if you don’t feel like gorging yourself with 4 cupcakes in one sitting, bring a box or Tupperware that fits 4 cupcakes for takeaway.  Brilliant!

Milk and coffee will be served.  Milk was graciously donated by Cochrane’s Dairy and the Flour Shoppe (617 Bank Street).  Coffee was graciously donated by Ten Thousand Villages.

Come on… I know that you heart this idea!  What better way to spend Sunday afternoon?  And it’s for two great causes.  Let’s make this years Capital Cupcake Camp even better than last years.


  • To register as a baker or taster, click here for the eventbrite site.
  • For the media release, click here
  • To get the latest on Capital Cupcake Camp follow @capitalcupcake on Twitter or join the Capital CupcakeCamp Facebook Group

Oh… and in anticipation of Sunday’s event… Check out the following:

  • Thursday, September 23 @ 9:40 am on Ottawa’s A-Channel “A-Morning” – I’ll be doing a little decorating demo while Jenn Cross fills you in on all the excitement!
  • Friday, September 24 @ 8 am on Ottawa’s EZ Rock99.7 FM radio – I’ll be joining Jenn Lim (of foodieprints fame) – the crew is getting ready for some baking fun!
  • Friday, September 24 @ 11 am on Ottawa’s Roger’s Cable Channel 22 – “Ottawa Daytime” – Derick, TL and I will be decorating some cupcakes!


4 thoughts on “wordless wednesday: Capital CupcakeCamp 2.0

  1. I’m pretty excited for Sunday to come too. This is my first year attending and I look forward to meeting you and many others there! Great post on the event 🙂

  2. Hey! You’re too fabulous for words. I’ll try my best to make it, but Sunday might end up being a busy day for me. If I miss it, have fun!

    • try… there is no “try” at captial cupcake camp! it’s DO!!! KIDDING! hope you can make it Platonic Jeff. And thanks for watching our promo. Tune in TWICE tomorrow. EZ Rock in the morning and then Ottawa Daytime at 11 am!

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