adventures in promoting cupcake camp 2.0

The last two days have been all about… Capital Cupcake Camp.  That’s right… the final push to sell on the tickets (fyi – as of right now we have sold out of all tickets… amateur bakers, PRO bakers, tasters and volunteer spots) and get everyone excited about CUPCAKES.  And good causes :0)

I was asked to help out with some of the promotions… and by help, I mean… pipe frosting on cupcakes.  While on television!  No big deal right?  I mean… I get to hang out with Derick and TL once a month @ Ottawa Daytime, so I should be pretty comfortable with this right?  Except…

I am such an amateur piper.  It’s true!  Up until a few months ago, I stayed as far away from piping bags as possible.  Remember those wedding cupcakes Emily and I decorated?  Every single one of the cupcakes that I had decorated, I removed the frosting and had Emily “do over”.  Seriously (you can ask her).

And then at The Whalesbone when I was first asked to pipe brown butter… remember the mess?  Sigh.  I had to re-do my trays 3 times!!!!  That’s right folks… I’m an amateur frosting piper.  And I was asked to go on television and demonstrate to viewers how easy and simple a thing it is to do.

It was time to prepare… so I made a large batch of vanilla buttercream and piped just about anything in my kitchen.  Seriously.  My kitchen smelt of vanilla, butter and powdered sugar (yes… it smelt REALLY good).  And my gosh… I became… more comfortable with my piping bag and decorative tip.

First thing I learned:  beat the frosting as long as you like.  It only causes it to become super fluffy.  Very very good thing to learn.

Second thing I learned: use a large tip – I like the large star tip… it makes the frosting appear really swirly and pretty.  And you can even make rosettes if you want to.  Excellent.

Third thing I learned: the frosting can be removed, and it can be redone.  Nothing is permanent… so I’ve learned to just go with the flow.

And that my friends, is how I ended up at A-Channel on Thursday morning, promoting Capital Cupcake Camp with my new friend Jennifer Cross.  She had all the details down (tickets sold, location, participants, etc), and I was going to do a little hands-on demo with host Lianne Lang (Kurt Stoodley joined in the fun too).

Check it out … click right here.  How fun did that look?  Kurt totally impressed us all with his skill and talent.

And… look at how well I did!!!  My carrot cupcakes looked… beautiful.  Claps for me!

My favourite part of the entire experience… well Jenn taught everyone how to properly enjoy a cupcake… twist the bottom off the cake, place it atop the frosting and smoosh it… there you go… a cupcake sandwich!  No frosting all over your face… :0)

First promo done.  Time for my first ever radio “appearance”.  I joined Jenn from foodieprints fame at Ottawa’s EZ Rock Breakfast show with Viv and Neil.


They decided that they were going to have a cupcake bake-off (I got to be the judge). Viv rose to the occasion… seriously.  She baked her FIRST EVER cupcake – vanilla cake, filled with peanut butter (so gooey, so yummy), and then topped with a chocolate buttercream frosting (and some hot pink piping… “EZ”)… it was AMAZING.  Super moist, super light, super delicious.  Two thumbs up from me… and from Jenn.

Neil’s contribution came from The Flour Shoppe.  Yep.  His homemade cupcakes were homemade by other people :0)  I have to say… the cupcakes were beautiful.  Lots of frosting atop perfect little cupcakes.

Awesome!  I mean… I got to eat cupcakes for breakfast! The winning cupcake was ridiculously delicious… Viv you’ve got talent lady!

Following my breakfast of champions (vanilla/peanut butter/chocolate cupcake), I headed over to Ottawa Daytime :0)

Time to meet up with Jenn Cross (confusing I know… two different Jenn’s – both super nice) and Derick.

Once again, Jenn talked up Cupcake Camp and I talked Derick through some piping.  This time we had my marble cupcakes to decorate (I mention this because I am super proud of these cupcakes… they are BEAUTIFUL.  And taste pretty darn good too!).

Success!  I um… can’t find the link to the show at this point… but it went well.  Really well! (Don’t worry… I’ll update this entry if I find the link).

I’m so… pleased with myself!  My adventures in promoting this event has taken me from being a little frightened of frosting my cupcakes to showing viewers how to do it.  I swear… if I can get this comfortable, anyone can do this.  I promise.

See y’all tomorrow!  Capital Cupcake camphere I come!


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