sunday wrap-up

Insane weekend.  Seriously… this past weekend has been INSANE.

1.  I spent Thursday and Friday running around participating in Capital Cupcake Camp promos.  Awesome Fun.

My Friday evening @ The Whalesbone was canceled.  Charlotte had Arctic Andrew and another guy (Elliot) in to see how they did… so I got the night off… and spent it enjoying sundaes with loads of friends (seriously… Deb and Handsome Ransom showed up… plus the girls and then Platonic Jeff)… in the end I enjoyed the chowder and then ran downstairs to make sundaes for my friends!  :0)

2.  Saturday morning errands… as in wedding cake delivery.  This required that I head down to my favourite Barhaven location (Emily’s house) and grab a  simply decorated large slab of lemon cake and a beautifully decorated small 2 tiered marble cake.  Sweet. Then back downtown to deliver to our client.  Done & Done!

3.  Host a baby shower.  Yep.  Gigi’s (remember – she gets me the sweet parking spots at Loblaws) shower was yesterday afternoon.  I was hosting.  Which meant lots of baking on Friday.  Lots of baking. My blog on that to come… :0)

4.  My mom was visiting.  I heart visits from my mom.  I heart that she drives down to visit me – even when she’s rushing off the following day to Europe.  Or Asia.  I heart that she enjoys sitting in my apartment, chatting with me, and lets me bake.  Because I had lots of baking to do this weekend.

5.  I was a judge at Capital Cupcake Camp.  Yep.  That sure was fun.  Seriously… a lot of fun.  But my stomach hurts a little right now.  Ever heard of cupcake heartburn?  I have it.  Sigh.  Where you there?  Did YOU make it?  A room full of cupcakes is not to be missed.  But… just in case you did… I’ll be blogging about it soon enough.  So tune in.

Right now I’m taking a break from #6 on my list.  I’m taking my little breather writing to all of you.  Thanks for the breather.  This next one is what’s really getting me nervous.

6.  I’m baking baby cakes for Kate’s (head caterer @ the Whalesbone Oyster House – catering division) event tomorrow.  I’m still working on them.  40 baby cakes.  That doesn’t sound so bad right?  Except… fondant.  I am using fondant.  Rolling it out.  And trying not to screw up.  Expect a blog about those little cakes for sure.

Thanks for letting me regale you with my weekend.  Back to my butcher block I go.  Rolling pin in hand, fondant and buttercream at the ready.  This could be the beginning of a very long evening :0)

Ciao :0)


8 thoughts on “sunday wrap-up

  1. Wow!! And I thought my weekend was hectic! I just baked my red velvet cupcakes three times in anticipation for cupcake camp!

    Also HUGE kudos on judging! That was quite the feat! I can’t even imagine! I only had a few cakes today and I’m so sick of sweets!

    I’ll be at the Whalesbone event tomorrow-looking forward to your baby cakes… Maybe! 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine how you judged all the entrants this afternoon. My heart went out to you and your co-judges but I was so delighted to have been a part of it. So wonderful that over $6,000 was raised for the two charities! You, Ian and the entire judging team, volunteers and sponsors certainly deserve our admiration.
    This was my first year at *Camp* but I had so much fun and enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people that I will be definitely be registering again for next year.
    Hopefully by then you will be over your cupcake heartburn and be willing to judge again next year. If not…you can certainly enter a cupcake 🙂

    • Lynne, you are amazing, something I don’t think we said enough today.

      Thank-you so much for fitting Capital Cupcakecamp in your schedule, the short notice media spots, the judging today.

      Glad to finally meet you!

      Next time, let’s try something a little less culinarily extreme when we meet up. 🙂

  3. Sorry I missed the Whalesbone on Friday night! I don’t know what I was thinking trying to plan an event the night before moving day!! See you soon! xox

  4. Great job judging Cupcake Camp! I was there taking photos for the community blog and wanted to drop you a link with my photos. Feel free to use them on your blog if you wish. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for sharing some of the incredilble goodies from the baby shower that your Mom was in turn able to sahre with us over coffee on Sunday morning..absolutely to die for.

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