whalesbone catering’s open house

I think we all remember my blog about being asked to make baby cakes  for Kate and the Whalesbone Catering right?  If not… well you can click here and read all about it :0)

I was pretty excited about seeing my little cakes on display (and also hopefully seeing people’s reactions to them) – so when Platonic Jeff asked me to join him at the Open-House, how could I pass up the opportunity?

It was GREAT!  The place was packed, everyone was having a great time and mingling, and Josh was standing at the oyster bar shucking away.  AWESOME.

Kate not only did a pretty darn fantastic job organizing the event, but you should have seen the food!!!  It not only looked good – it all tasted delish!

How could you not want to pop one (or two…of each) in your mouth?  I mean… just look ;0)

heirloom tomato / caramelized onion bread pudding / goat cheese / tomatillo / ground cherry / maple salsa

smoked sable fish / apple cider reduction / spicy pancetta / acorn creek honeydew / bonnie & floyd

scallop tartare / confederation grapes / watermelon / truffle oil / yuzu / old cheddar crisp

cabbage slaw / toasted sesame dressing / beef tataki / crispy wonton

cinnamon ginger smoked duck breast / beet balsamic sorbet / savory butter bread

And then there were the desserts :0)  Kate had some beautiful macaroons, some in-shop made custards (they looked stunning), dark chocolate truffles, and then… my baby cakes.  As soon as you walked it – if you looked to your left – there they were – on display for all to see.  They were… beautiful :0)  As pretty in the shop as they had been in my kitchen (and in my office when I was showing them off to everyone)… I was so proud to see them.  And I got even more excited as people started tasting them (or taking them home, since Kate had ordered pretty little boxes for them).

sailor jerrys rum custards

a couple of the displays

The absolute best – yes there was a BEST moment – was when Rue (friend of Platonic Jeff) and her friend Vanessa (sous-chef at DFAIT) sampled my apple bacon spice baby cake… and both of them LOVED it.  I’m not kidding!  Rue even took another one in a box for later!  How awesome is that?  I’m particularly pleased because… well they are perfect strangers who enjoyed my baking!  whoot whoot!  Yes… in my head I am saying “claps for me!” 

and my baby cake being enjoyed by Rue and Vanessa

 It was totally worth the late night and long hours.  And now I can not wait to do this again.  Kate… call me ;0)


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