i just wanted to say… thanks!

I figured today was probably the right day to do this… since it is Thanksgiving Sunday.

I just wanted to say – – THANKS!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Thanks for sending me your comments (I heart the encouragement and the feedback).

Thanks for embracing The Twisted Chef.

You’re all pretty darn awesome.

You see… last Sunday I wasn’t feeling that great.  I had a cold – and spent the entire day in bed; all I really wanted to do was take my bike out for a nice ride in the sunshine.  But no.  I spent my entire Sunday in bed… my throat hurt, my head hurt… sigh.  The week wasn’t looking all that sunny and bright.

Until Tuesday.

Yep.  Tuesday I delivered some cupcakes to a former colleague (and always friend), who enjoyed one and then shared another one with one of his friends.

His friend Andrea, then sent me this message (thank you facebook and thank you Andrea for facebook stalking me):

Hi Lynne,

I just wanted to tell you that Aaron shared one of your cupcakes with me. It honestly was the best part of my day and probably the best cupcake I’ve ever had – and I consider myself an expert.

You have a gift!


That message totally made my day.  Claps for Andrea and her kind words.

I then posted my Top Chef Elimination Challenge post – and even though I wasn’t successful the first time I attempted my salted caramel – all of you were so kind.  All those words of encouragement.  A-MAZ-ING.  It motivated me to try again.  And when I succeeded – once again… you all were so kind with your comments.  Smile on my face all day.  Seriously.

I also gave a few of my cupcakes to someone for a taste test.   The sample included some vanilla cupcakes and some chocolate cupcakes.  The chocolate one looks pretty tasty eh?  I got a pretty positive response :0)

My Friday started off on a pretty high note too!   My friend and colleague (Tonya) came into my office and presented me with a box.  It was wrapped in pink tissue paper… and when I opened it, it was a bracelet from stella & dot.

Tonya’s daughter, Téana, wanted to thank me for all the cupcakes and cookies I send home for her – and used her own money to buy me this bracelet.  She even picked out the colours – saying that I would probably like the green best.  ADORABLE.  And super sweet and kind of her.  Now every time I look at my wrist I smile.  (Téana – yes, green is my favourite colour… thank you, thank you, thank you… guess who’s getting cookies next week!).

I heart all my new cyberspace friends (either met via my blog or through twitter) – and just wanted to thank you for making me smile every time I log on.  I think I heart baking even more now that I can share it with so many people.

Thank you for logging on, tuning in and following me on my twistedchef journey… you can all imagine that if I had you over for drinks today – you’d get a slice of this amazing pumpkin spice cake topped with brown butter cream cheese.  Yeah… it’s pretty amazing.  Don’t worry – I’ll share some pictures soon… and then it’ll be almost as if we’re hanging out together in my living room (let’s be honest, we’d be hanging in my kitchen).



7 thoughts on “i just wanted to say… thanks!

  1. What a lovely, heart-felt post. So happy that I met up with you through the BHF10PP!

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. What an amazing post!!! Téana is over the moon happy that you mentioned her, that you love the gift she gave you and of course for the cookies that are coming her way!!!
    Thank YOU for being such an amazing person, baker and friend xo

  3. Well, thank you for posting. People don’t all know the effort that goes into it. I heart reading you and simply cannot wait to meet you in person miss brown butter.

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  5. I missed this post! So sweet! Thank YOU for blogging. I love it and it has opened my eyes to the ‘blogsphere'(is that the right word??)it is the highlight of my days when you have a new post to read!

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