cheese platters are AMAZING

I was at The Whalesbone on Friday night … and it was a combination of my FAVOURITE shift ever… and the most TEDIOUS shift ever.  Seriously.

Wanna know why?  Well let me tell you…

Reasons why it was THE. BEST. SHIFT. EVER:

1.  I baked the apple pear crumble.  I got to the restaurant early enough that I actually got to bake something.  Sigh.  It was awesome.  And aren’t they pretty? 

I especially like the crumble baked in the onion soup bowl.  Add some grated cheese, melt it and a generous drizzle of butterscotch – I think you’ve got yourself a pretty satisfying dessert.

2.  In order to make the apple pear crumble I had to use the mandoline.  Holy heck – that is the bestest gadget in the kitchen (ok… probably tied with my new mini torch).  Reason being (and yes… I said this out loud, which made Kshonze chuckle): every single slice is even… all the same thickness.  Amazing!  (I already knew that this would be the case… but fear of shredding my hands have prevented me from using a mandoline before).

3.  I got to plate a plethora of cheese platters.  Look at the pictures… aren’t you excited just looking at them? 

 The creamy blue cheese.  Cutting slices of pear and apples… drizzling honey atop the entire thing… oh and the chutney that accompanies the trio of cheeses and the crostini.  AMAZING.  You should totally order the cheese platter the next time you come into The Whalesbone.

4.  I finally tasted the chocolate caramel torte.  It’s an experience in itself.  Charlotte and Kshonze tweaked the original recipe – it’s now a trio of chocolates sitting on top of a pecan shortbread… then brushed with a maple syrup glaze, topped with a dollop of sweet crème fraîche and a sprinkle of fleur de sel.  Plated with a swoosh of both chocolate ganache and butterscotch sauce, slices of apple and some pecan pieces – you’ve got one heck of a pretty dessert. 

Not a bad night eh?

But WAIT!  In between baking, plating and drizzling I worked on the most TEDIOUS task EVER.  And the worst thing… I can only blame myself.

Yep.  That’s right.  I did this.  I told Charlotte that I loved (yes, loved) cleaning mushrooms.  It’s a super zen task – you grab your brush and gently scrub the dirt off… your mind kinda drifts and you just get it done. 

I no longer feel the same way.  I mean … just look at this mushroom … it’s covered in pine needles… each one had to be brushed off. 

I shudder to think about it.  Imagine… a box full of hundreds of this things.  All just waiting for me to pick them up and clean them.  Oh sigh.  NEVER AGAIN.  Well… fingers crossed never again :0)

Oh yeah… and I worked with Arctic Andrew again … classy shot of him eh?

and no… I didn’t have him pose.  He really was eating staff meal like that :0)


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