edgar. it’s here. and oh so wonderful


It’s here.  And I think it’s perfect! 

Marysol (of she eats bears) opened her first place over the weekend!!!!

Everyone, please say hello to Edgar

Personally… I think it’s the place to be.  It’s SO cute!  Nice and quaint (it sits about 11 people at once, luckily everything can be “take out” as well); Marysol has been able to offer an ambunance of goodies – both sweet and savory … without trying to offer too much.  The menu options are written on blackboards around the restaurant – making it easy to order … that is … if you can decide what you want to eat (I recommend just about everything)!

I spent Saturday morning lending a hand (along with Marysol’s friends Nadia, Nicole and Rachelle) – cutting out the edgar bars, and the decadent, über gooey brownies… all while smelling the bacon date brioche Marysol was pulling out of the oven.  We washed dishes, made apple pecan muffins, whipped up some apple cheddar panini (those are good… seriously good), learned how to make the Vietnamese sandwiches (which look and smell delicious – I plan on trying one next time), and tried to help Marysol and Simon (the two nicest people in the world) as best as we could.

i think the receipt says it all… miam miam miam


I also took pictures.  Lots of pictures.  And I’d like to share them with you.

beautiful displays that greet you upon arrival

the edgar bars among other goodies on display

apple cranberry tarts


coconut macaroons

the little details that make my heart sing!  love the hand-written descriptions

Marysol even made them for the tea bags!  love it!!!!

Marysol making her brioche – having rolled out the dough, she generously covered it in brown sugar butter

working quickly to form the dough

bacon date brioche waiting to be baked.  it looks happy don’t you think?

fresh out of the oven

covered in an orange glaze … seriously … this brioche is cochon.  nothing else to it

Marysol and her beautiful brioche

Nadia taking pictures  – check out Marysol’s blog to see the pictures

little bears all over the restaurant…

Simon made that latte – isn’t it pretty?

Loads of people came in.  Many were friends of Marysol and Simon’s …  but there were a bunch of people from the neighbourhood – everyone enthusiastic and (it seemed) super thrilled with what Edgar has to offer.

I think you should come in too.  And you should totally try the brioche (the best one I’ve ever tried).  And then have the apple cheddar panini.  It was gooey and warm and crispy.  It was wunderbar!  And if you don’t think that you want anything too heavy – you can enjoy a fruit smoothie (they go down real easy) or some yogurt and granola.  LOVES IT!  Then you can grab some frozen soup or lasagna and enjoy those at home for dinner.  See… Marysol has covered all the basis.  It’s AWESOME.

You really have no excuse not to come… it looks cute, the service is friendly,  the food is delish AND it’s super easy to get to!  Edgar is located just over the bridge in Hull/Gatineau, near the Gatineau Park entrance on Alexandre Taché blvd (60 rue Bégin) … come and visit!  You know you want to! 

Check out both foodieprints and she eats bears for more pictures.

10 thoughts on “edgar. it’s here. and oh so wonderful

  1. Edgar looks like a delightful place to be! Best wishes to Marysol and her staff for a very successful undertaking. Judging by the looks of her baked goods etc., it is going to be a very popular place.

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for the shout-out. So wonderful meeting you as well. I’m sure we will run into each other again soon. Beautiful shots too! For some reason my others didn’t turn out so good (boo!). But i’m glad i get to see all the great shots others took.

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