Emily is the creative genius behind our little baking duo business.  Seriously – she LOVES playing in buttercream and is patient enough for the perfection of fondant: I like to dabble it in all – but Emily…  Emily is GOOD.

Emily doesn’t even need a stencil.  I mean … check it out?  Adorable right? (Or is it just me and Jack the 2-year-old who thinks so?)

This is for Jack’s (my little friend from Thanksgiving dinner) 2nd birthday party … I’d say whoot whoot – but perhaps I should be saying mooo mooo! ;0) 

She even thinks of the little things … like putting spots on the sides of the cake… so that it’s ever more adorable … oh how I heart this cake (something fierce).

In case you were wondering … I baked my totally delicious, (as in… “the best cake in the whole wide world”) marble cake (2x 9-inch rounds)It’s an amazing recipe.  And no… I haven’t shared it on my blog yet … but feel free to order one from me (or us if you want it super nicely decorated).

While she was at it (and I mean … she decorated these two cakes, PLUS another one in the same evening), Emily tried her hand at an Ed Hardy design. 

This is what was provided as the inspiration (Fiona is turning 12 this weekend and loves Ed Hardy designs).

So Emily did this.

A solid 1x 13-inch round vanilla cake (as per the request)… I think it turned out brilliantly (apologies for the slight smudge in the pictures… my camera lens was a little dirty).

I just wanted to take the time to gush about how great Emily is.  I heart being able to bake cakes with her … and just you wait until I blog about the last wedding we baked for… I think it was our best effort to date!

2 thoughts on “emily

  1. I’d love to be a *bee* on the wall when you and Emily are in the kitchen together! Such fun the two of you must have while coming up with wonderful cakes such as you’ve shown here! Looking forward to the next post of your combined creation!

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