edgar … 2.0

I spent my weekend hanging out at Edgar – Marysol’s adorable little café in Hull.  It was AWESOME.

1.  Marysol and I had a little french toast throw-down.  You know … two versions of the same thing … tell me – which would YOU have ordered? (and yes… please comment – – menu feedback is nice).

Version one:  Marysol’s cheddar stuffed french toast, topped with an apple compote and a drizzle of maple syrup.

The second version (mine)honey, raisin, hazelnut baked french toast, smeared with date compote, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

2.  I learned how to make brioche dough.  Yeah.  Super cool and amazing.  Marysol rocks.

3.  By 2 pm on Saturday  – Edgar had sold out of … well… just about EVERYTHING.  Intense … but AMAZING as well!  Claps for Marysol.

4.  Edgar was the location of choice for a little birthday girl… Paloma turned 8 years old!!!!  How cool is she to have picked Edgar for her birthday breakfast?  Super cool (for reals)… she got a special grilled cheese sandwich :0)

the birthday girl and her mother (Chloé & Paloma)

Here’s the lowdown on the weekend…

I arrived early-ish … never as early as Marysol and Simon – but early enough :0)

Marysol was working on the western morning wraps (eggs, onions, red & green peppers, cheddar cheese), and pulling fresh date bacon brioche out of the oven… they smell so good.

Simon was hard at work assembling the panini du joursalami, roasted tomatoes, spinach, spicy eggplant, mozzarella … delish you say … INDEED!  They were one of the first things to go!

I helped out by cutting out the edgar bar, piped some whipped cream on top of Marysol’s chocolate walnut tarts (yum), fixed up the front display and then baked up some chocolate ginger cookies (side note: these are ridiculously addictive and delicious… seriously. A-MAZ-ING).  I then helped panko crust some fish cakes and got some of those now-famous  date bacon brioche in and out of the oven.

It was the kind of day were we spent most of our time taking orders, ladling bowls of soup, assembling sandwiches, panini’s and wraps ,and telling everyone after 12 pm “sorry… there are no more brioche left“.  Then at around 2 pm we started crossing things off the blackboards … no more sandwiches, no more soup… thank goodness for the front display of muffins, macaroons, banana cream tarts, smoothies …

Things quieted down at around 3:30 pm… we caught up on washing dishes, finally grabbed a little something to eat and started talking about menu options for the next day (beet soup, spicy chicken wraps, prosciutto paninis).  Marysol was able to get started on the chicken … and I sat down and ate a bowl of soup …

Now you should read about Marysol’s first week.  Click right HERE.  She’s adorable and probably the sweetest person ever.  I think you’ll adore her by the time you finish reading her entry … and then you’ll probably want to keep reading.


6 thoughts on “edgar … 2.0

  1. Oh wow, we will definitely have to stop in here the next time we’re in town! Since I love savory breakfasts and highly dislike raisins I would have gone with the cheddar cheese french toast. Um, put cheese on or in anything and I’m pretty much sold! 😉

  2. Ditto, cheddar and apples but I would add some walnuts for MUFA.
    Also I have a book about making panini and I always put the cheese first againts the bread to give it a chance to melt.

  3. Honestly, I would have chosen your French Toast. Good to hear that everything is going so well at Edgar’s. Continue success to Marysol. You are a true friend!

  4. The cheddar french toast would have won my vote – only because I’m obsessed with cheese! I really have to make it in there. Edgar sounds fabulous!

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