macaroons … and my advenutres on television

authors note:  thank you Tonya for joining me and taking the pictures!  no flash went off … you’re much better than me!

I did it again!  I was on Daytime Ottawa yesterday: hanging with Derick and TL…  while we made some chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.

This is the most fun I’ve had YET!

We laughed … a lot.  Seriously – I think we all giggled our way through the entire segment.  

I should tell you – I tend to pick recipes for the show based on how well I think Derick and TL can handle the task :0)  I thought this would be a great recipe since (1) I could easily get Derick to mix the ingredients together, (2) I could demo what the batter looks like pre-baked and baked, and (3) TL could then help me dip the baked cookies in melted chocolate. 

Simple don’t you think… it should have been… except… we had a couple mishaps.

Whenever I show up at the studio I go through the following routine:

I set up … ensuring that I have all of my ingredients and tools (that lesson was learned early on). 

Then I make sure that everything is set-up at the correct spot.  I’ve learned that Derick is the demonstration guy: he’s super comfortable adding ingredients, mixing them up, and scooping them out.  That’s why I make sure the demo portion of the chat is close to him … and then quickly brief him on what he’ll be doing.

We normally get a little briefing from Erin (the producer) – it usually involves Erin helping me with putting on my mic… or us laughing at something Derick has said.

Then the cameras started rolling… and we go LIVE!

By that point yesterday – everything was going exactly according to plan.

I’d seperated the egg white from the yolk prior to going on-air – my skills seem to have impressed Derick and TL

While chatting with TL, I pretty much walked Derick through the recipe: egg white, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, sweetened coconut flakes and a pinch of salt.

I think I impressed them again by bringing in some homemade sailor jerry’s rum vanilla extract

They look pretty wowed eh?

I got both Derick and TL to stir the coconut batter around … everything was going peachy.  And then it was time to scoop out the macaroons.

Derick BROKE MY MINI SCOOP!  That’s right!  He broke it!  Actually… it was easily and quickly fixed, but it allowed TL to start teasing Derick on his skills.  Which was perfect…  since … well, it seems TL has difficulties dipping macaroons in melted chocolate.

You see… TL will candidly admit that baking isn’t her forte – which is totally fine, since she’s always willing to be a super good sport and give it a try anyway.  Knowing this, I have started tasking her with the finishing touch.  This time – she was responsible for dipping the baked macaroons in melted chocolate.  She had a little malfunction when the top of a macaroon fell off the base of the macaroon causing it to fall back into the chocolate – it kinda looked like a belly flop!   … it’s ok – we  were able to save the macaroon (it was just extra chocolatey) and giggled our way through it.

I think you can tell by viewing the clip (view here – again… not on firefox) that we had a blast…. and that this recipe is super simple to follow.  These macaroons are so delicious and really pretty.  And I bet that if you decide to make them with some friends, you’ll spend your afternoon laughing too!

Check out Derick going in for one macaroon ….

and then he went in for another one…

10 thoughts on “macaroons … and my advenutres on television

  1. Lynne – as always you look GORGEOUS on television! (and as always – I love your post and now want some of your baking…)

  2. Thanks for asking me to be a part of your entourage 🙂
    Had an amazing time and you rocked it!!! So relieved that the pics turned out – I was always checking to make sure that the flash was set to “off”. Big thank you for letting me bring home some of the macaroons – yum xo

  3. WHOA, check out the AWESOME Moustache on that Derick guy!


    You are just a fantastic guest. We love having you on the show. You’re not only a talented baker, but you’re just so much fun to work with. It really makes our job so easy. We love your personality. Looking forward to your next appearance.


    It was nice meeting you and you did a great job with the pics.


    • Thanks Derick, it was great meeting you too. Fabulous ‘stache! Lynne and I would like more info on how we can become your “Mo Sistas”…

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  5. What a lovely comment from Derick and so on the money! Great post. You are such fun and people can’t help but be in a great mood when you are around.

    • THANK YOU everyone!

      @ Kailey – i’ll be baking up some of that chocolate chip apple spice cake you and Michael love so much … expect a care package.

      @ Tonya thank you for coming! loved having you as part of the entourage! :0) and I’m happy that you got to enjoy the macaroons (since you’re the one who got me to start making them!)

      @ Derick -THANKS!!! it’s always so much fun to hang out with you and TL. and you’re right… that was an AWESOME moustache!

      @ Paula – I feel the same way about you when I read your blog … thanks for the continued support. You are lovely. :0) (and I hope that the apple pie was a huge hit)

  6. Lynne – how much do we love you? Impossible to count all of the ways! Really, you are one of our absolute favourites in the kitchen and we look so forward to your visits! Eventually I will get a hang of the baking….wait…no I won’t….that was a lie. I’ll dip. I will perpetually be in charged of the finishing touch. And poorly, obviously. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll keep trying though! 🙂

    Really nice to meet you too, Tonya – hopefully you will visit us again!


    • It was great meeting you too, TL! Hopefully Lynne invites me back as part of her entourage so that I can be a part of the fun again. And the macaroons that you dipped tasted amazing 😉

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