edgar … 3.0

I spent my weekend at Edgar.  It was … awesome.

1.  Marysol, Simon and I created some FANTASTIC sandwiches.  Seriously… Saturday we sold out of all of them.  And we made lots.

2.  Hot chocolate latte.  Yeah … Marysol makes a killer hot chocolate – perfect foam.  DELISH.  She’ll even make you a mocha latte if you ask.  Remember to say please and thank you :0)

3.  My knife skills have improved … like a million trillion times better.  You should see me attack red peppers.  And onions.  It’s AWESOME.

4.  We attempted another french toast craze.  It seems only Marysol, Simon and I are crazy about french toast.  :0(

So… what about those sandwiches eh?  Edgar is known for it’s banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) – pork, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, spicy mayo.  This weekend we were having none of that.  But have no fear.  Marysol totally rocked it out on the sandwich front! 

Spicy salami – check!  

Ham & swiss cheese – check! 

Apple, cheddar, prosciutto – heck yes!  Check! 

But there were more.  And here … well we got a little creative :0)

egg salad / red onion / slices of apple / rocket / potato dill bread

It was awesome.  Especially if you grilled it on the panini press.  Yeah … that’s one solid sandwich.

You don’t like egg salad… how about a ham sandwich?  But not just any ol’ ham sandwich. 

ham / goat cheese / slices of apple / crispy white bread

It was grilled (of course!) – and it SOLD out.  Actually both sandwiches sold out. 

 Sunday’s vegetarian sandwich option was a hit as well – avocado.  That’s right!  Marysol made up a batch of sun-dried tomato spicy mayo, we slathered that on both sides of the bread and filled them with slices of avocado, red peppers, red onions, and spinach.  Toss it in the panini press… and … WOW. 

Most people took advantage of the soup / sandwich combo… some even shared a sandwich and each enjoyed a bowl of soup … how about apple squash soup?  Topped with a piece of crunchy baguette and melted cheddar.  Amazing… yeah.  I think so.

grilled avocado sandwich

soup & sandwich combo

There was also the french toast option on Sunday.  This time Marysol decided to make a monte cristo – french toast baguette, topped with a good smear of pear butter, ham and cheddar cheese… which was then topped with another layer of french toast baguette.  And you can’t forget the maple syrup.  In the end … the three of us and a couple of other people decided to indulge.  It was excellent!  That pear butter is something special. 

the monte cristo

So… I guess my question is … what are YOU doing next weekend?  I think you want to come to Edgar – grab a soup & salad combo (or waffle since Marysol just bought a press) and enjoy a beautiful latte.  For reals.  It’ll be A-MAZ-ING.  I promise.

Oh… and don’t forget to tune into Daytime Ottawa tomorrow – Marysol is going to be on tv.  Love it!


5 thoughts on “edgar … 3.0

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  2. All the french toast talk makes me want to get out of my typical comfort zone (traditional french toast made out of challah) and take a walk on the “wild side”…with a hot chocolate latte.

  3. Remind me never to read your blog when I am waiting for dinner to finish cooking. I’m so craving everything I see here.

    So nice that you had a great week at Edgar’s and very nice that it is all going so well for Marysol.

    p.s. Have you ever tried French Toast with Homemade English Muffin Toast Bread? Very, very good.

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