wordless wednesdays: gold medal plates

Gold Medal Plates has come and gone. 

It was … intense.  And all I did was drag some spinach purée across a plate: I can only imagine how Charlotte must have felt.

That’s right – Charlotte (The Whalesbone) totally rocked it last night.  I was so excited to be asked to participate – Charlotte wanted an all-girl team (aka The Ladies) to assist her during the competition.  Under her direction we brought her plate from this…

to this…


burnt honey cured mackerel with a foie gras mousse, atop a rye crostini, cream fresh, spinach purée, and a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts and espresso powder. 

Delish?  No kidding! (The foie gras mousse was ridiculously tasty… so rich and smooth.  Sigh worthy for sure)

The Ladies (Merrill, Chloé (both Whalesbone), Trish (the Black Cat Bistro), Anna (Farbs), Natalie and I) swooshed, dragged, sprinkled, slathered, gently placed, and drizzled our way through almost 400 plates.  Charlotte taught us well :0)

It was an amazing experience… no matter the outcome.  We all giggled our way through the service – and Charlotte – well she totally ROCKED it. 

So proud.  So so proud.

Oh yeah… and don’t worry… you can take the girl out of the Whalesbone – but you can’t take the short-shorts off the girl :0)

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