the moo cow cake

bakers note:  this entry doesn’t include a recipe.  I’m sorry … I am guarding this recipe close to my heart… but you should know I never, ever get tired of baking this cake.  Never ever.

Remember that cow cake I made (well technically, I baked, and Emily decorated)?

It was for Jack.  The coolest 2-year-old… for reals.

I heart Jack – because he’s so full of personality (he entertained us at Thanksgiving by trying on 4-inch heels).  On yeah – and he’s adorable as well.  Seriously – too cute for words.

Jack looked and poked at his cake

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first … he would look at it … then he would look at us … until finally, he looked up at his mom and said “moo cow”.  Adorable?  Of course!

Once Jack had confirmed it was a moo cow – he dug right in.  Seriously.  Right in and on his face – the way any 2-year-old should enjoy their birthday cake!

The cake was a pretty massive success.  I won’t lie – this vanilla/chocolate marble cake is my absolute favourite cake to bake.  It’s butter based (not oil), but still stays incredibly moist.  It’s the one cake batter I can not stop myself from eating raw … sometimes that’s all I eat for dinner …. yum – raw cake batter (don’t worry, I’m only licking the bowl or paddle attachment – I do actually bake cakes with the batter).

It seems I’m not the only who likes this cake.  So does this little guy (Austin).

All that was left at the end of our cake fest was the head.  That’s right… the cow head was all that remained. 

Note to self – I should ask Amanda how long the cow head lasted once we cleared out ;0)


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