edgar … 4.0

Cookies.  Waffles.  Panini’s … and those little date squares.

That’s right.  The date square throw-down continued on the other side of the river.  Only this time… there wasn’t a tie :0)

I joined Marysol, Simon, and Nicole (Marysol and Simon’s longtime friend) in prepping for the morning rush.

First on the list – waffles.  Yep – Marysol purchased a new waffle press and was ready to try new recipes.

She decided on two different batters: 1. chocolate chip 2. caramel-bacon – and you had the option of taking them plain (with syrup) OR topped with sliced bananas and whipped cream… and syrup!  Intense but so delish.

Once those were made, we hustled to complete the breakfast wraps and the paninis prior to opening the doors.

ham, blue cheese (or goat cheese), sliced apple, spinach

white kidney spread or hummous,  roasted tomatoes, havarti, arugula – holy heck this is one amazing panini.  For Reals!

egg salad, bacon, arugula

Once the sandwiches were assembled and in place we then started on creaming butter and sugar together into cookie batters … obviously we had to bake a few of each … you can’t have cookie batter and no cookies!

chocolate – ginger cookie

edgar’s (extra) peanut butter cookie (with or without chocolate chips)

Then it was time for part two of the date square throw-down.  That’s right.  I brought another piece of Arctic Andrew’s date square from the night before, along with a piece of my date square. 

We cut each square into 3 smaller pieces – enough for Marysol, Simon, and Anne (food blogger, new friend, provider of apples, foodie, Edgar enthusiast) to taste-test.

Simon and Marysol were quick to pick and unanimous.  They picked … MINE! (and I SWEAR it was a blind tasting – they didn’t know who made what)

Anne had a harder time deciding which she preferred.  It was actually super cute – she talked about what she preferred with each square …  in the end – Anne choose Andrew’s.  That’s ok.  She LOVED the edgar granola cookie I made and gave her (don’t worry… I’ll be blogging about that one ASAP).

I heart Edgar and the sweet and savory treats on offer there.  If you haven’t already been … come on in.  It’s the BEST.  Seriously.


2 thoughts on “edgar … 4.0

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  2. Yea, your date squares won! My goodness you are a busy woman running back and forth between Edgar’s and the Whalesbone +++++ I really don’t know where you find the time to bake anything 🙂

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