wordless wednesdays: cake in a mason jar

What happens when you have a 1 L container full of cupcake tops (you know… those pieces of cupcake that are cut off to level the cupcake prior to frosting them) and some left over hot pink cream cheese buttercream?

This.  This is what happens.

cake in a (mason) jar

It’s amazingly disgustingly delicious.

I gifted it to Vanessa ( the incredible friend who drove me to Montréal for Cupcake camp on Sunday morning)  – only … myself and another colleague kinda (totally) dug into it prior to giving it to Vanessa.  Don’t worry – it was quality control.  Vanessa still had lots to enjoy.

Best eaten with a fork.

Vanessa’s reaction was as follows (and all quotes):

cake in a jar is extraordinary!

moist cake – check!

falvourful and not cringe-worthy sweet frosting – check!

mason jar – check!

V – don’t forget … I need my mason jar back.  There are more cakes in mason jars to make.

5 thoughts on “wordless wednesdays: cake in a mason jar

    • and you would have laughed when you saw us break into it before giving it to Vanessa. don’t worry – we emailed her for permission before grabbing a fork and digging in :0)

  1. I’ve seen muffins in a jar and pie in a jar but this is the first cake in a jar! Great use of the leftover cupcake pieces.

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